Little White Lies

“Hailey come back” “No Harry. I’m done with this game of yours. You got what you want.” “Baby it’s-” “Don’t call me that!” she yelled. I never seen her so mad. “It’s different now Hailey” I saw the tears in her eyes, and her nose was getting red. I started to tear up. Fuck. I never cry. “No Harry. I shouldn’t have agreed going out with you in the first place. Molly was right.” I tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek. “Don’t touch me Harry!” She slapped my hand and walked away. “What about us Hailey?” I yelled. She turned around. “There never should’ve been an us. Goodbye Harry. I hope you and Lexi are happy together.”


3. Chapter 2

Hailey’s POV


I tried on the 5th outfit tonight but non seemed good enough for Harry. I took out a new outfit and tried it on. I think this is one. I put my hair into a messy bun since I didn’t know how to do any hairstyles. Why am I so cautious? It’s only Harry and I don’t even know why I even said yes to him. I only knew the guy for like 10 minutes. I hope I’m not getting myself into any trouble with this guy. I mean, what if Molly is right? My phone dinged and someone messaged me; it was Harry.


To: Hailey

From: Harry

I’ll be ther in like 5 mins.


To: Harry

From: Hailey



I replied. Well there’s no turning back now. Maybe Harry isn’t as bad as everybody thinks he is. I went to sit on my bed where my kitten is. He’s an orange tabby and I love him to death!


“Should I go out with this guy Dusty?” I asked him. He meowed and rolled over making me laugh. I picked him up and held him above my face telling him he’s cute and stuff. A few moments later, I heard honks outside. I went to my window and saw Harry outside his car. I smiled and immediately grabbed my phone and ran downstairs. There’s a mirror near the door so I fixed my baby hairs and shirt. When I was satisfied with how I looked, I went outside. I crossed my arms since it was a bit chilly. Harry smiled and I tucked some hair behind my left ear. Harry was wearing a t-shirt and jeans with a jacket.


“Where’s your jacket or whatever you girls call it?” He asked. I was surprised that he was concern about my comfort.


“Its ok, I’m not that cold.”


“You sure?”


“Yeah. It’s only 4.”


“Alright.” He stretched out the word. I got in his car and I put on my seatbelts. Harry started the car and droved about 5 meters until I screamed stop. He was startled big time.


“Jesus Christ Hailey!” he responded stepping on the brakes. He looked at me assuming I’ll tell him why I screamed.


“Your seatbelts?” I explained narrowing my eyebrows.


“I don’t like them.” I rolled my eyes at him.


“So what? You still have to wear them. It’s the law and it’s for your own safety Harry.”


“Look, this is my car and I could do what I want.”


“If you don’t put your seatbelt on, I will leave this car.” I said sternly. He groaned and did what I told him to do. I smiled in victory. “Thank You”


“Oh shut up.” He mumbled, which made me giggle. I watched all the houses that we passed, and all the other cars. California was beautiful. I just couldn’t help believing that I am going on a date with Harry Styles. Didn’t Molly say that he only talk to people who are either popular or hot? I’m neither popular nor hot. I’m just Hailey.


“So where are we going exactly?”


“You’ll see. We’re almost there.” He says and I just sat back. About 5 minutes later, we arrived. It was a bowling ally. We both got out of the car and made our way to the entrance. We went to the place where you get you’re bowling shoes.


“New girlfriend Harry?” the guy her worked there asked Harry.


“No Jerry. This is Hailey.” He corrected. Jerry handed Harry bowling shoes without asking his size. I guess he comes here a lot. Jerry looked at me and asked for my shoe size. I told him it was 6 ½ and he handed them right to me.


“Thanks.” I thanked giving him a smile.


Harry’s POV


“Thanks.” Hailey thanked. I guided her to our isle and we tied out shoes. I went first and hit 8 pins. I bowled again and hit them all. I pulled my fist up in triumph and I saw that it made Hailey laugh. Her outfit is different to what all the other girls I date wear. I hoped that Lexi would be here since she usually comes bowling every Saturday. Guessing not then. I needed her to be here to see me with Hailey so I went on Facebook and posted ‘Bowling with –Hailey Valentine’. Lexi always have her Facebook on her phone so she bonds to see it. She also lives nearby so she could basically walk over here. I looked up and saw Hailey with a red bowling ball in her hand. She didn’t go yet.


“Well what are you waiting for?” I asked her.


“I.. I never bowled before.” she quietly replied. I was shocked that she never bowled before. No one I knew except for Jerry was here to see me teach her so I went right ahead. I walked to her and scratched my head.


“Uh.. you know how to hold it right?” I asked and she nodded her head. “Ok,” I began. “Just stand behind that line, and run towards that other line in front and swing your arm and let go of the ball.”


“Harry, I know how to play it, I just never tried it before. This is my first time.” she spoke and I felt stupid.


“Well then you’re pretty lucky I brought you here. Who doesn’t bowl?” I said. I walked back to our sitting area and she turned around facing the pins with the ball to her chest. I actually feel alright being here with her. I expected this night to be more painful and boring. I watched her swung her arm back, but she accidentally let go when a sudden black bowling ball hit her ankle hard. She fell down in pain. “Hailey!” I ran up to her. I don’t know why, but I felt worried? I looked at who through it to her. Lexi. I know I wanted her here, but I didn’t want her to do this. I helped Hailey to the seats.


“Ow ow ow..” she cried. I grabbed my finished coke cup. It’s only filled with ice now and placed it where she felt pain.


“Be right back ok?” I told her. I got up and sped walk to Lexi. “What the fuck Lexi?!” I yelled at her.


“It was just a fucking accident Harry” she wined.


“Oh it’s an accident?! You expect me to believe that shit?! Lexi, you know you could be a total b-”


“Woah Harry. Watch your language.” Dean interrupted me. He put his arms around Lexi’s shoulder and then they kissed. Ugh. Now I’m getting second thoughts about Lexi. She is hot and stuff, but- nevermind. I’m Harry Styles and I can have whatever I want, and I want Lexi. “What did you want to call my girlfriend?” Dean continued.


“Babe. That’s what I meant.” I lied. He knew I was being sarcastic.


“Yeah I thought so.” He hissed. I gave him a disgusted face and walked away, back to Hailey. She was still taking care of her ankle. That bowling ball did hit her pretty hard. I sat down next to her.


“I’m so sorry about that.” I apologized locking my fingers together slouching. She didn’t say anything, but she gave me a half smile. “We can go somewhere else.” I told her. I know I came here to make Lexi jealous, but I could always do it tomorrow or another day. I just didn’t feel like it tonight anymore. Not after that stunt she did.


“Okay.” she agreed giving me a smile. I smiled back at her. She got up, but I immediately helped her since she was about to fall. “Thanks.” We walked about a few meters until she stopped me. “Uh Harry, it’s still my turn.”


“Wha what?” I was confused.


“It’s my turn to bowl.” She explained and I scoffed. “What?”


“Oh you’re not joking?” she shook her head no. “But Hailey, your ankle.”


“I know…” she trailed off. “Can you hold on to me please?” I thought about what she favored me to do. I finally made my decision and nod my head. The girl never bowls, and all I needed to do is help her stand. We didn’t run up to the line because it’ll be too difficult, so we just stood where we couldn’t cross. Hailey swung her arm and rolled the bowling ball. It was a weak throw but I can’t blame her. I saw that she had a disappointed facial expression as we watched it roll slowly. She didn’t want to watch it till the end because it won’t make it anyways. I guided Hailey to get her bag. When we were about to leave, we heard pins knocking down. I looked to see where it came from and it was from our lane!


“Um Hailey..”


“Yeah?” I pointed to the small TV on our isle.


“Oh. My. Gosh. I got a strike?!” she squeak in joy causing me to laugh. She quietly screamed and just jumped to wrap her arms around my neck giving me a hug. I laughed again and swung her around making her giggle. When we finally let go of each other, we made our way to the car.


******1 Hour Later******


“Thanks for the frozen yogurt Harry.”


“No problem.” I welcomed. “Is you’re ankle feeling better?”


“Yeah.” She was able to walk on her own now, which was great. We took a small stroll in the park since it was only 6 and we didn’t know where else to go. There was an awkward silence until I mentioned about her intense goose bumps.


“Hailey you’re freezing.”


“I think it’s just because I’m eating this frozen yogurt.” She responded. I know she’s freezing so I took off my jacket.


“No Harry, you don’t have to-” she stopped when my jacket was on her. “Aren’t you cold?”


“Eh. Not really. I mean, I’m not the one eating the frozen desert.” I joked. We both laughed and continued walking until we reached the swings. They were a bit short for us but oh well. We slightly swung for a bit since I was afraid to break it and would have to pay for the repair.


“Harry?” Hailey began.




“Who’s the girl who rolled the bowling ball at me?” she asked slightly swinging with her feet glued to the ground.


“Oh she’s Lexi. And the guy who was with her is Dean.”


“And what is Lexi to you?” I hesitated to answer.


“She’s my ex.” I finally answered scratching behind my ear. She looked away from the awkwardness. I just stared at Hailey’s pink lips and her crystal blue eyes. She tucked her hair behind her left ear. I never noticed how pretty Hailey was. I all of a suddened smiled. Something about her feels so different. I feel like.. I don’t know. And that hug back there at the bowling ally, it felt so warm and comforting.


“And does she have something against me?”


“Maybe it’s because you’re pretty?” I immediately said. My eyes widened. Fuck! Did I just say that out loud? Shit. I started to blush. I saw that she was trying to hide her smile, and so was I.


“Um, I think we should be going now.” She suggested. I agreed and we walked to the car. During the car ride to her house, I couldn’t help but to overthink. Do I want Lexi, or do I want Hailey? Make up your fucking mind Harry! I kept debating over both of them up till I arrived in front of her house. “Thanks for the night Harry.” She thanked me. She opened the door halfway until I stopped her.


“Hailey?” she shut the door and said ‘yes?’. “Why were you so serious about having my seatbelt on earlier?” I asked hoping she’ll answer. She brought her knees up to her chest and sighed.


“When I was younger, my dad was driving me to the drug store to pick up some things. It was close to my house so..” she trailed off for a couple of seconds before continuing. “I told him to put his seatbelts on, but he said it was alright since the drug store was like 5 minutes away by car. It was a winter night and the car drove on an ice road. The car slid and spun and lastly flipped. He tried to control the wheel but failed. Everything went so fast and he broke his neck and spine when the car flipped. Luckily, I passed out and I didn’t see him..” Hailey started crying. I didn’t know what to do. I’m not good with these shit and when girls cry. I panicked so I grabbed her hand and held it. “Die.” She whispered.


“I’m sorry to hear that Hailey.” No one outside my family ever opened themselves up to me. Wow, Hailey is some chick.


Hailey’s POV


“It’s ok” I said to Harry. I wiped my tears dry and told him I’ll see him at school. He nodded and I got out of the car. I made my way to my front door and waved him goodbye. He just put is hand up.


“I’m home mom!” I yelled.


“You have fun?” She yelled back from the kitchen.




“That’s great hun!” I smiled and hung Harry’s coat on the coat rack. Wait a minute, Harry’s coat! I need to give it back. I snatched it off the hook and went for the door. I tried to turn the nob but it seemed to be jammed. I turned it and pushed it open against my side really hard.


“Ow!” I heard someone on the other side said. I looked to see who it was. It was Harry and his nose was bleeding.


“Oh my gosh Harry! I’m so sorry! I came to return your coat and I thought my door was jammed!” I tried to explain. He turned around trying to hide the blood. “Harry come here.”


“No it’s ok. I’m fine. It’s fine.” he denied. I knew he wasn’t ok. I went to pull him inside the house to clean him up.


“No you’re not fine. Come inside for a bit.” He finally gave in. The blood was all over his hand and mouth area. I felt so bad! I brought him inside and called my mom for help.


“Oh my. Darling you’re bleeding!” she says looking at Harry.


“Yeah we know that, can you get us a rag please?”


“Yeah Yeah! Sure!” she went to the kitchen and fetched a rag. I gave it to Harry. “Look sweetie, take..” she paused since she didn’t remember his name.


“Harry.” He answered.


“Take Harry upstairs to clean him up. I have to finish the dishes alright?” I agreed and took him to our bathroom. He sat on the toilet seat’s lid and I ran the tap with lukewarm water and dapped it on the blood.


“Tilt you’re head up.” I told him. He listened to what I asked him to do, which made cleaning faster and easier. “I’m so sorry Harry. I didn’t mean to.”


“I told you. It’s ok.” He was too kind to me. “It’s me who should be thanking you for cleaning me up.”


“Well you helped me with my ankle problem today so I guess we’re even.” We both slightly laugh.  “Oh take off you’re shirt.”


“Wait what? Take off my shirt?”


“Yeah. You got blood on it.”


“But my shirt is black.”


“Yeah, but don’t you see it’s darker than the colour of the fabric?” He looked at his shirt and saw that I was right. He smirked and took his shirt off revealing his perfect abs and tattoos.


“Don’t you have to be like 18 to get a tattoo?”


“Yeah but my cousin is a tattoo artist so..” I raised my eyebrows. His tattoos looked badass and it complimented his abs real well. I couldn’t help but smile and I knew he saw me trying to hide it. I washed his shirt in water. “I’m gonna pop this in the dryer and you can stay here till it drys. My room is that way.” I walked out the bathroom and went to the dryer. I walked passed my mom on the way there and back.


“Well that Harry is quite the hotty.” She complimented.


“Mom…” I moaned and ran upstairs. Harry was already in my room. He was lying on my bed using his phone. I went to grabbed some sweats and a t-shirt to changed in the bathroom. I walked into the room, shut the door, and sat on the bed next the Harry also on my phone.


“You know you could’ve just changed in here.” He joked. I laughed and poked him in the waist, which made him flinch. It tickled him so I poked him again. “Stop it!” he laughed. His laughs are so cute! The poking then turned into tickling. He had enough so he got up and tickled me instead. We both laughed and I told him to stop but he didn’t. Damn it! He found my ticklish spot. It was my around my stomach area. I laughed so hard that I felt cramps. All of a sudden, I found myself on top of him. We both stopped tickling each other and just gazed into each other’s eyes. He had the most beautiful green eyes. I leaned in, but change my mind. I rested my head on his chest instead. He didn’t forced me to kiss him or anything so that made it all the better. I heard his heart. It was fast, but not racing fast. He stroked my hair. We rolled over and now we were sleeping on our sides. He wrapped his arms around me and I locked my fingers into his. Molly was wrong about Harry. He isn’t as bad as everyone thinks he is.


So what did you guys think? I feel like things are too rushed but I don't know. Follow me on twitter please? @angelinaprom22



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