Little White Lies

“Hailey come back” “No Harry. I’m done with this game of yours. You got what you want.” “Baby it’s-” “Don’t call me that!” she yelled. I never seen her so mad. “It’s different now Hailey” I saw the tears in her eyes, and her nose was getting red. I started to tear up. Fuck. I never cry. “No Harry. I shouldn’t have agreed going out with you in the first place. Molly was right.” I tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek. “Don’t touch me Harry!” She slapped my hand and walked away. “What about us Hailey?” I yelled. She turned around. “There never should’ve been an us. Goodbye Harry. I hope you and Lexi are happy together.”


15. Chapter 12

*After School*


Somehow, I convinced Perrie to ask Hailey to go to her house. All Hailey know right now is that Perrie just wanted to hang out. I told Hailey I’ll pick her up in an hour or so at Perrie’s place.


I made my way to Hailey’s house since her mom wants to ‘talk’ about something. Does she also think I’m a bad influence on her daughter? Does she want me to break up with her? Honestly, I like this feeling of being committed to a real relationship. But what I can’t get out of my head is the fear of Hailey knowing about the reason why I wanted to hang with her in the first place. She’ll hate me for using her. But I need to shove that in the back of my head and hope she doesn’t find out.


I reached the house and parked infront. I made sure I look decent before meeting her mother properly. I briefly met her when Hailey made my nose bleed by accident. My shirt was flatten and I hair was fixed with my review mirror. Taking a deep breath, I rang the doorbell. The sounds of locks were being unlocked and Ms. Valentine opened the door giving me a smile.


“Come in, come in.” she politely greeted opening the door wider so I can come in. Lavender candle scent roamed my nostrils as I walked in. I stood in the middle of the room because I didn’t know where to go: whether I should sit on the sofa, stand and talk, or what ever. “Would you care for some tea?” she asked walking to the kitchen. I guess the kitchen then. I followed her and sat down at the counter. “I’m sorry, you’re a teenager, you don’t drink tea. I was just thinking you were British and all.” She smiles. She grabbed a can of coke for me and tea for herself.


“Thank you Ms. V.” I thanked her as she handed me the coke and sat down.


“We haven’t met properly yet. I’m Megan Valentine, but I see you like to call me Ms. V so… you can call me that” she smiles. Her smile is almost like Hailey’s and I could see their resemblances. It felt a little bit weird introducing myself to her mother without Hailey. We talked about ourselves a bit and this is honestly the longest time I’ve been with an adult without groaning or cussing in a long time. I looked around the place and tried to make up something nice to say after an awkward silence.


“Ms. V, I like the way you decorate your home. It’s very-”


“Harry I’m sick.” She cuts me off. I cleared my throat.


“Um, would you like me to go get you some medicine?” I asked interlocking her fingers together on the table. She slightly chuckles and shook her head.


“No sweetheart, I’m not sick in that way. I’m sick sick.” She said swallowing. I knew exactly what she meant since the beginning but I didn’t want to believe it. A rush of pity towards Hailey came to me. I mean, her dad is gone, and what if she loses her mum too?


“Does Hailey know?” I asked.


“Hailey knows about my cancer, but the tumor went away last year.” She sighs. “She just doesn’t know it came back.”


“But Ms. V, why are you telling me this? I think Hailey is the one with the rights to know.” I said.


“No no, we can’t tell her. At lease not yet. Harry, Hailey is so happy now and I know you make her happy. She smiles so often now and she told me about you.” Ms. V smiles herself almost crying. “And I heard there’s a Paris trip coming up, is that true?” I nod my head yes. “I need you to persuade her to go.”


“I’ve tried, we all tried. She says she just doesn’t have the money and she doesn’t want to as you for a loan.” I explained to her after taking a sip of my coke. Ms. V sighed with her hands around her cup of tea.


“Well I’ll try to find the money to pay for it. But you still need to make her want to go. Even if I do have the money, she won’t take it. I arranged a chemotherapy session around that time of the trip and I don’t want her to see me sick. I don’t want her to worry. Just please do this for her and me.” Her eyes became glassy until the tears fell down. I was about to cry myself but Harry Styles doesn’t cry. I shuffled a bit on my chair, and then nodded my head again. I will do my best to make Hailey go on that trip. Ms. V leaned over and hugged me. “Thank you Harry.”


I left shorty after. Ms. V handed me my phone before I went out the door and made my way to Perrie’s place. I drove there, still can’t help to think about what if Hailey’s mother dies. Not to think of the worst of things, but I can’t help myself. Who will she stay with? A relative? If so, she’s going to have to move unless they live in California, which I doubt. Maybe she can stay with me. Mum is usually on business trips anyways and the house is quiet.




I texted Hailey to come down as I waited outside of Perrie’s house. I haven’t seen it in a long time. The front garden changed a bit and the grass looked really healthy. Damn I think her house is even bigger than mines looking at it now.


Hailey came down and the sight of her made me smile. She then sees me, and smiles too, jogging to the car. The minute she stepped foot in the vehicle, she made a face, which confused me.


“Harry, did you drive here without your seatbelts?” she asked. I bit my tongue. I guess I forgot to put it on with Hailey and her mum in mind. I blinked and then looked down. She exhaled. “Harry…” she whined.


“I’m sorry, I just forgot. It wont happen again babe.” I said putting the seatbelt on. She started to blush a bit. I chuckled. “Why you blushing?” I asked crossing my arms, leaning back. She tucks some hair behind her left ear. “You know you do that a lot right?”


“Do what?”


“Tuck your hair behind your left ear.” I told her, running my finger behind that ear. She raised her eyebrows smiling.


“What, you notice me do that but you don’t notice what teachers tell you like a million more times than I tuck hair behind my ear?” She sarcastically recalled. I lifted my shoulders and dropped it giving her a cheeky smile. She scoffs and nudged me playfully.


“But seriously, why were you blushing?” I asked again. A smile grew on her face.


“You called me babe for crying out loud.” She giggles.


“So?” it’s just ‘babe’.”


“Would you believe me if I told no one have ever called me babe?” she shyly said. I started to laugh until she told me to stop, punching me in the arm. It didn’t hurt though. “What?” she whined once more.


“You’re such a loner!” I continued laughing till my stomach started to cramp. She’s so cute.


“Shut up! You’re dating that loner!” she jokes. I leaned to her and she did the same. Just before our lips touched, we heard loud knocking on the passenger seat’s window. We quickly turned and saw Perrie. She waved for us to roll down the window.


“We should visit Molly.” she said. Hailey looked at me with wide eyes. Clearly she wanted to go too. “Alright now.” Perrie said before getting into the back seat.


“Woah, what are you doing? You have your own car don’t you?” I said turning to her. She was putting on her seat beat and pulled her ponytail to the front. Hailey rested her hand on my arm, frowning. I groaned and started driving.


We arrived at Molly’s house and I could tell Hailey was amazing at the sight of it.


“This is her house?! Gee, all you guys houses are so massive and nice it makes mines look like a doghouse!” her jaw dropped. Perrie giggled and I chuckled a bit myself at Hailey’s expression. After parking the car, Hailey and I went arm and arm to the front door. She felt a bit intimidated by the size Molly’s home. Perrie rolled her eyes at me, but Hailey didn’t see. Her eyes were still glued on the house. I haven’t been here in a while as well.


Perrie rung the doorbell and Niall opened the door. He greeted us in lead us to Molly. She was in her room with a cast around her ankle and crutches near her bed. That must be some fall she did, and that must be some push Liam did as well. Hailey went right up to and sat next to her.


“Hey, how ya feeling?” Hailey asked as Perrie sat next to her. Niall took a seat on a stool near her and I just stood around.


“I’m ok guys. Thanks for coming.” Molly smiles shuffling to sit up. Niall groaned.


“I’m gonna kill Liam.” He said lacing his fingers around Molly. She made a sad face before looking at Hailey.


“Hailey, sorry for a rough second week of school.” She sighed. Hailey smiles sympathetically.


“It’s ok, I mean you guys are the bestest friends I ever had, and look, I already have a boyfriend.” She looks at me and smiled. I smiled myself. “Not that I’m desperate or anything. ” She added jokingly. We all laughed a bit.


“Molly, you must be hungry, I’ll fetch you some food.” Perrie suggested getting up and fixing her shirt.


“Ugh Perrie, stop trying to make fetch happen.” Niall quoted from Mean Girls in a girl voice. It made the girls laugh and I just smiled. I never actually watched Mean Girls so I didn’t appreciate the joke very much. I just know it’s from that movie because I see the memes everywhere.


“I’m gonna help.” Hailey tagged along. They left shortly after and Niall said he’s going to make himself and me a sandwich. They all left and that leaves Molly and me in the room. It’s a bit awkward because I know Molly doesn’t like me very much. I just sat where Niall used to be.


“Molly?” I said turning to her. She turned to me as well. “Why do you hate me?” I asked. She raised her eyebrows, meaning was I seriously asking. “Yeah, I shouldn’t be asking that…” she giggles a bit. I’m a player, douche, and all those things.


“Well, I don’t really hate you anymore…” She trails off fiddling with her fingers. Hm. “I always blamed you for my breakup with Niall. I thought you forced him to go to that club, and was responsible for his ‘incident’.” She said. I knew what she meant when she said ‘incident’. Niall slept with another chick. But actually, it was still sort of my fault because I didn’t talk him out of it.


“Um, well I’m sorry.” I apologized for not stopping him.


“For what? Apart from that you never done anything to me personally.” She wondered. I bit my lip. I don’t want her to know because it’s going pretty well so far.


“Er, just sorry in general.” I said, which wasn’t a total lie as well. She smiles. “Friends again?” I did my most innocent face I could do.


“Fine, whatever douche face” She smiles while rolling her eyes. That was her nickname for me when she still talked to me. Molly was actually a real party girl who knew how to have fun before she and Niall broke up. Now she’s full of school and shit. “Come here, give me a hug.” She opened her arms. I rolled my eyes and went to hug her. She better feel appreciative because I barely give people hugs (except for Hailey).


“You better not be hitting or flirting with my girlfriend.” Niall said walking in with two sandwiches, but he wasn’t offended.


“Don’t worry Nialler.” I said calmly taking a sandwich from him.

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