Little White Lies

“Hailey come back” “No Harry. I’m done with this game of yours. You got what you want.” “Baby it’s-” “Don’t call me that!” she yelled. I never seen her so mad. “It’s different now Hailey” I saw the tears in her eyes, and her nose was getting red. I started to tear up. Fuck. I never cry. “No Harry. I shouldn’t have agreed going out with you in the first place. Molly was right.” I tried to calm her down by stroking her cheek. “Don’t touch me Harry!” She slapped my hand and walked away. “What about us Hailey?” I yelled. She turned around. “There never should’ve been an us. Goodbye Harry. I hope you and Lexi are happy together.”


14. Chapter 11- Part 2

Liam’s POV


“Oh is that why you slept with me?” I hissed raising my eyebrows. Molly made an ‘excuse me’ face and parted her lips again. And I don’t regret what I just said.


“I came over,” she started. “so I can get some comfort from my best friend. And you kissed me first!” she yelled, but luckily the hallway was isolated.


“Well that didn’t stop you from kissing back.” I scoffed. Sneaker squeaks noises came from a distance. I turned back to see where it came from.


“What are you doing? Look at me!” she snapped me back into focus. “I didn’t know what I was doing okay? I didn’t mean for it to happen. Liam I love you,” she loves me? My body loosened. “But not in that way.” Nevermind. My blood began to boil. Niall is my best friend and all, but I would never cheat on her. “I’m sorry but we will never work.” She said in a soft tone. “but I still need you to be my friend.”


“I don’t want to be just friends Molly. That’s the thing.” I took her hand into my hand, but she pulled away.


“Liam stop. I’m with Niall.” She said. I groaned and punched the locker beside of me so hard, you could see a slight dent. Molly jumped back a bit.


“Niall cheated on you-”


“I know that but I forgave him!”


“But that’s not good enough! Molly, I’ve known you much longer than he has known you. I was here when you got your braces on and off. I was here when broke your arm. I was here when your grandmother pasted away. I was there for you every step of the way.” I had a crush on her for quite some time, but I never got the chance to tell her how I felt before she met Niall. Niall came to school during sophomore year; he was the last to join us. I took a couple steps towards Molly and we were inches away from each other. Her hand was playing with the hem of her shirt, but her eyes were still glued onto mines. My hands found my way to her neck and before she could say anything, I pulled her in quickly and kissed her. I could feel her hands trying to push me away.


“Liam-” I pulled her closer by the waist. “Liam stop!” she attempted to push me again, but I was still stronger.


“Molly you know you want this.” I cooed, ignoring her denies. I leaned in again.


“Liam I said stop!” she screamed, struggling to get out of my grip.


“Molly just-” she kept squirming and struggling even harder and louder. “Fine!” I roared as I pushed her off me. Just as she fell to the ground, someone just came out of the cafeteria doors and looked straight at us. I didn’t know what came of me. I didn’t mean to push Molly. I didn’t mean to hurt her. “Molly I didn’t-”


“Molly!” Niall called out to her, cutting me off. “What the fuck is wrong with you Liam!” he ran towards me with his eyes beaming red. His veins were popping out as he raised his fist and swung it at me, hitting me in the jaw. The others came crashing through the doors as well. First came Zayn, then Harry, and then the rest with an expression of terror and confusion. Niall took another swing at me but I dodged it in time, returning one back to him, punching him in the eye. I’m pretty sure it will bruise soon. He growls and we just kept throwing fists at each other. I could beat the shit out of him, and he knows it. “Don’t you dare lay your fucking hands on her again!” as his temper increases so did mines.


“You don’t deserve her!” I punched him in the stomach. He winced. Zayn and Louis tried to break us up while the girls helped Molly. I heard them asking her whether she was okay.


“Guys take it easy!” Louis tried to calm us down. He pulled Niall away and Zayn tried to pull me. I really wanted to hit Niall again, but I missed by a few inches.


“Get off of me Zayn!” my adrenaline was too high.


“No! You two need to chill!” he shouted. I felt him heavily breathing over my shoulder. I could tell he was struggling to pull me back and Harry noticed as well. That’s why he rushed to help him out by grabbing one of my arms, while Zayn grabbed the other. Harry is definitely stronger than me, but I didn’t want to let my weakness show.


“You son of a b-” Niall started before he got cut off.


“Guys stop!” Perrie hollered getting all of our attentions. Now that I’m not trying to beat Niall up, I noticed Molly crying and her right ankle was laying in a weird way. “Molly needs help, I think she twisted her ankle badly.”


“Can you get up Molly?” Hailey was right beside her, firmly gripping onto her arm for support. Molly shook her head no, biting her lip as a tear trickled down her face. Niall gave me a death stare and pushed Louis off of him so he could get to Molly. The girls backed away as he slipped his hands under her, picking her up bridal style. She winced at the pain of her ankle and dug her face into his neck.


“I-I want t-to go h-h-home. Take me home.” She stutters in Niall’s neck, crying.


“Molly you can’t yet. You need to go to the nurse.” He tells her facing her way, almost whispering.


“No, the nurse can’t do anything with her ankle like that. You need to take her to the hospital.” Perrie suggested.


“Yeah, I’ll come with.” Hailey agreed. Niall nodded and they headed out. Hailey mentioned that she would catch up with Harry later. Did I really do that to her. I just couldn’t get my mind around it. I promised myself that I will never hurt her, but yet, I did. Zayn turned to me with a disgusted face and then went to Perrie gently taking her away. She gave me an evil glanced and then walked away with Zayn. Louis follows but he didn’t even want to look at me. Now that Harry and I are alone, he spoke.


“What the fuck is your problem?” Harry spat.


“I didn’t mean to push her.” I defended myself raising my voice a bit. He sniffed in disgust. “What, all of a sudden you are soft on girls? Last time I checked, you like to drink, party, pick up and dump girls, and sex. You are the biggest player I know.” And he was. And now he’s dating Hailey? Didn’t he start going out with her because he wanted to get Lexi jealous?


“No shit I still like drinking, parting and sex, but I’m with Hailey now. It’s different. And I didn’t mean you pushing Molly even though that was a dick move. I know you slept with her too.” I was taken back a little.


“And how the fuck do you know?”


“Lexi was the one who told us we should go outside for some reason. Then she pulled me back and whispered it to me saying she overheard you guys talking.” He explained crossing his arm. That must’ve been Lexi who made the squeaking shoe sound. I groaned.


“And?” I blinked trying to be tough, when actually, I’m not right now. I’m just worried about Molly.


“Sleeping with one of your best friend’s girlfriend after they just broke up? That’s a new low for you.” He said frowning.


“It’s not like you never slept with anyone else’s girlfriends as well.” I scoffed.


“Well that just me. I’ve been doing that for a long while, but again I’m with Hailey now so whatever. I just never thought you would ever do that to Niall.” I just rolled my eyes at him. “You know what? Never mind, I’m out.” Harry raised his hands in a surrender position before leaving.


Harry’s POV


I walked away from Liam, feeling disgusted. Then, I felt disgusted about myself. Is this what the guys feel every time I sleep with a girl? If it is, then it’s not a good feeling to have. I mean, I’ve been doing this every since the end of freshman year. Every since my dad left, and my mom was never the same. She’s always out with her job. I’ll admit, it pays really well but she’s always away and I’m left alone at home. And my sister, she’s in college but we Skype every once in a while.


I wanted to call Hailey up so I reached for my phone. I dug my hand in all of my pockets but it wasn’t there. Maybe it’s in my locker. I went to it but it wasn’t there as well. Did I forget it somewhere? Did I forget it at home? I then went to find Zayn. He was with Perrie, her friends, Louis, and Eleanor.


“Hey Zayn, can I borrow your phone?” I asked. He pulled it out of his pocket.


“What for?” he asked me back handing me his phone.


“I forgot it somewhere, maybe I left it at this diner I went for breakfast.” I dialed my number and waited for someone to pick up. Hopefully the person who finds my phone doesn’t steal it or take it. It rang but no one picked up. I decided to call again. Luckily, someone picked up this time.


“Hello?” the woman on the other side said.


“Oh, hey.” I said scratching my neck walking away from the guys. “Sorry but I’ve seem to forgot my phone so do you mind-”


“Harry?” she said. My eyes widen. How does she know my name? She couldn’t have gone through it because there’s a passcode, which only I know.


“Um… who is this?” I trailed off furrowing my eyebrows.


“Oh, this is Hailey’s mother. You forgot your phone in her room.” I was relieved that it wasn’t left at the diner, but felt awkward because her mum picked up.


“I’m sorry Ms. Valentine. Um, how did you know it was me?” I asked holding my breath. She chuckles a bit.


“I know you came by last night Harry.” She says.


“Oh…” a short silence was there because I didn’t know what to say.


“Anyways, how about I give it to Hailey to give you tomorrow?” she politely asked.


“Yeah, that would be great. Thanks Ms. V” I’m surprised how cool her mum is. All the mums of the girls I went out with didn’t want their daughters to be anywhere near me. I was about to hang up until she stops me. “Yes Ms. V?” I asked her getting a little worried.


“You can come over to pick the phone up after school. And while you’re here, we need to talk. But make sure Hailey’s not with you.” She said. My stomach sunk.

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