Story of me life contest

Well the story of my life


2. The tireing walk

I waved to my mum as she backed up "love you"mum yelled "love ya to " I yelled.Raine ma Besty jumped on my back. I was in 5th grade and Raine was in 6th. my class was going and class 0605. "hay"

i said to my friend. She smiled and tened and moned

"Dam it" she said "what " I sied "look"

i looked at the trail and moned an "2k walk looks like it'd will take all day " I said 

we walked over to a tree I toke out my I pod and played hay day "what it's a good game "I said to my friend who was looking over my sholder she said "I forgot to bring mine" "we weren't even sapost to bring them" I looked around "look at that so pritty" I say as we look at the 

miiles of mountens a tap was felt on my head "kisey " I yelled lots of class mates looked at me and giggled kisey was my nick name for kisseyner and then her twin jumped on my back "hay Loren still got two eyes" I say "umm "she says as she dose cross eyed. 

"GIRLS BOYS BAGS HEAR " the teacher says I pick up my heavy bag and give it to mr wisson

uor tech "hay Loren wears jazzmen" she shrugs then looks around "there" I run up to her "hay come on" I say as I grab her rist she do sent talk much when people are around we are all sheering a tent along with Mia who is not hear yet "OK GIRLS BOYS WERE WALKING NOW NO JUMPING OR YOU WILL SLip" I look at my friends beat ya

mia jumps out ov no we're and says "memema in the house o and iv been spying on you" "ok not creepy at all" we start walking I sigh and start walking "KIDS PLZ MOVE THE BAG TRUCK AND EXCORTS ARE COMEING THROUGHT" the tech yells I giggle and move out the way I was in frount of evry one . The funny thing is I wereing sndels we are 10 mins down when the biggest 

grounp of boys runs past "HAY " I yell thay larph and ceep running one of them screens and fals 

I catch up and see a dead donkey (rilly did happen) I screem and try to stop running I slip and jump over

the donkey and over a small 2meater fall I land on my hands and back all my friends run up but not Mia bitch my back is fine but my hands have scratches and blood was slowly falling out of the cuts I look up at my friends and "did you see the dead donkey " thay larph knowing I was ok 

Mia walks up and says "haha I got that on tape" who the well says tape I think mr wisson runs up "Hannah you ok?"I nod he gives me a band aid and helps me up we ceep walking 

"finally the camp " Raine yells I look up at the steep mounten most people were nilly hear I gasp at the

rilly pretty lake,eating arena,forest and the look out 




a/n hay gust the first part I'm up dateing tonight 

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