Alex Parson Was completely and utterly in love with Harry styles.... We'll she thought. After breaking it off with him she hopes for her life to be back to normal, but when Niall comes into the picture her life turns upside down. There will be love, loss, anger, drama, a love triangle and feelings sparked up from memories

But most of all she will be completely and utterly Torn.


1. Breaking him...

Authors note:

Hey guys it's shania here ;) (you pronounce it like sha-ny-a) this is my first ever book I've written and I'm really excited hehe.

Don't judge to quickly I'm new at this :3

Ok here we go.

This story is dedicated to all the directioners out there. ENJOY!

Alex's P.O.V

"Why" was all he said, his eyes were tearing up and threatening to spill over the edge, his adoring green eyes were filled with hurt.

"Really Harry your gonna be fine" the facade I was building was slowly crumbling, I had tried to appear confident but the walls were slipping away and piece by piece I was breaking

I wasn't gonna stay with someone who was never around, the tours and publicity had finally taken a toll on me, he was never around, and I just couldn't do it anymore.

"P-please Alex" he was stammering and I could see how much his heart was aching "we can make it work"

"no we can't harry!" I was screaming now "I don't love u anymore!" I was lieing to both of us because he knew how much I loved him

"Your lieing Alex" "please don't leave" he was begging which made my heart split in two 'what am I doing to him' I thought

"I'm sorry" I whispered, he was holding on to my wrist pleading for me to stay "Harry you have to let go now" he ran his hand through his hair and slowly pealed his hand from my wrist

I had to leave now I couldn't let him see me cry. I started to walk to the white polished door, I quickened with each step, the tears had started to fall

"Alex" he whispered "y-yes Harry" I stammered "I'm sorry I wasn't good enough" my mouth fell open in shock, but I had to go I couldn't stand another minute of this. I knew if I stayed longer he would convince me to stay.

My palms were sweating and I grasped onto the handle tearing the door open "I'm sorry" I whispered,

I didn't know if he heard me or not I was to busy rushing onto the street and letting the tears fall. Thank god for the rain hopefully I didn't look like I was crying. I wiped my face and started to walk

I turned around for a split second to a image that would haunt me for life. Harry was looking at the window with a tear streaked face with the most pained expression I had ever seen.

I had broken him.

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