Calista(A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Harry and I have been together for almost a year now and now he's on tour for three months now, After what I've just found out our lives is about to change forever because I'm pregnant. How am I going to tell Harry?what if he's not ready to be a dad?


1. The New Years Eve Bash

*Flash back*

It all started when my school was having a New Years Eve Bash and my principal booked One Direction as a surprise performance can you imagine ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! So before the night was done that's when the principal said... "Everyone give it up for One Direction!!!" that's when the crowd went wild ,the boys sang "Best Song Ever" and that's when it happened the first time me and Harry made eye contact. After the party ended I was with bestfriend Sabrina talking about the after party she was going to have at her house as we were masking our way to her car Harry and his girlfriend Malissa were arguing and then they broke up then Harry burst into tears I couldn't help but to go over to talk to him. "Are you okay" I said to him, "yes I am" he said but we both knew he wasn't okay so we end up talking the for a while then my friend Sabrina said that we had to go to the after party at her house which don't get me wrong I was happy bit I didn't want to leave Harry not like this "would you and the boys like to come to my friend Sabrina's after party?" I said "sure we love to" he sId so Harry called the boys over and we all headed to Sabrina's house and we talked the whole night *end of flash back*

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