The Last of Us: A New Member to the Team

Joel and Ellie are trekking their way to see the Fireflies when they encounter a young girl named Jill. Will this one girl change there lives as they know it? Or will she only bring them more work? Read to find out.


1. Meeting Jill

~~It’s been days since the last time Joel and Ellie encountered a survivor that wasn’t a bandit. It’s amazing how many bandits there were around the area. They were walking through a forested area at the moment.
“Joel I’m so hungry. Can we please stop to eat something?” Ellie complained.
“We’ll stop to eat when we get out of this forest.” Joel replied.
“But that’ll take forever. I don’t think I can go on any longer without something to eat.”
“Fine, where do we find something to eat out here huh?”
“We have snacks in our backpacks. Can we just sit down on a rock or something and stop to eat?”
“Okay. There’s a clear area up ahead. We can stop there.”
“How do you know that? I can’t see anything.” 
“Before all this chaos started with the infected and all that, my daughter and I walked these trails a few times. Of course they were more cleared out but other than that they looked as they do now. I guess I’ve been on this trail so many times that I memorized a clear spot.” He explained to Ellie as they walked through a few trees blocking the clearance.
They sat down and scavenged through their backpacks to find something to eat really quickly and then get a move on. The sooner they get to the Fireflies the better.
Ellie took out 3 granola bars and an energy drink that she had and began to feast on them. She knew it wasn’t much but she wasn’t about to be picky. She was starving and anything would do at the moment.
While she was eating, Joel found a can of fruit and opened it. Inside the can were cubed peaches. And they still looked pretty fresh so he ate them.
As they were finishing up their food, Ellie asked a question.
“Do you think we’ll ever be safe?” Ellie asked.
There was a long pause till Joel answered “I can’t say. God knows what we can expect from this. All we can really do is hope and pray we survive.”
“Yeah. Hope and pray. Like that’ll get us anywhere.” She replied with a chuckle.
“Ya never know. We might get lucky with a place to stay after we bring you to the Fireflies and they take care of that cure mumbo jumbo.”
“I wish. It would be a dream to live in someplace where we can stay and not worry about dyeing.”
“Baby girl you know there ain’t no place like that during this mess. There ain’t a safe place in this bloody country like that.”
“Yeah I’m well aware. But wouldn’t it be nice? I mean, having a place just like the ones you told me about in the before times.” She asked.
“You betcha’ kiddo.”
They finished up the last of their food and continued on their way. As they made their way through the wooded trail, there came across a few graves.
“It makes me sad to think that these innocent people lost their lives to the world. It’s just messed up in so many ways.” Ellie said sadly.
“I know. I wish the world didn’t have to be so cruel too.”
They kept on walking till they reached a heavily wooded area outside of the trail area.
“Where are we Joel?”
“What?” Ellie asked.
Joel pointed to a bear trap in the distance and footprints leading away from it.
“You think somebody lives here? The foot prints lead deeper into the forest. Do we follow them?” Ellie asked.
“Yeah. They might lead us to another survivor that could help us get outta here. And if they ain’t friendly, we kill ‘em. Get your gun ready.”
They got their guns out and walked over to the bear trap to follow the foot prints in the mud. They were small. Like the size of a teenage girls. But that was impossible. How could a teenage girl survive in these woods alone? Wait a second, she wasn’t alone. She was accompanied by and animal of some sort. A dog maybe? The prints in the earth looked like dog prints.
“A dog? Whoever lives in this forest has a dog? I thought you told me that dogs were dangerous. Obviously they’re not if this person has one.” Ellie said surprised.
“They’re only bad if they’re alone; or barkin’ too much. If they don’t look or act right, they ain’t trustworthy.” Joel explained to her.
“Oh…. Can we have a dog? I mean it would be a good idea right?”
“No. We can’t take the risk.”
“You took the risk when you agreed to bring me to the Fireflies.”
“That was different. This is a wild animal we’re talkin’ ‘bout. It could be infected or have some other disease.”
“I’m bitten. And you still take care of me.”
“Don’t push it Ellie. No means no. Get it. Got it. Good. End of discussion.”
She frowned. “No, not end of discussion. What if this person is a survivor and we wanna take them with us? What if they wanna bring their dog or animal or whatever? What if they can’t just leave it here?”
“Then we ain’t takin’ ‘em with us; simple as that.” Joel replied.
They walked the rest of the way in silence till they heard a screaming coming from the distance. It was a female’s screaming. They turned to each other for assurance and ran towards it.
When they got close enough they saw a girl being attacked by a pack of clickers and a few runners.
“AYE! OVER HERE!” Joel yelled to get the infected’s attention. He waved his hands in the air as they came barreling towards him.
“Joel what on earth are you doing!?” Ellie yelled.
“Shoot girl!” He yelled back.
They both started shooting at the zombies and in a matter of minutes they were all dead. They ran over to the girl that was now in a nearby tree.
“It’s all clear. You can come down now.” Joel looked up and told her.
She got an arrow in her bow. “Who are you and how’d you find me?” She asked as she pointed and arrow at Joel’s head.
“Are you serious? Do you need to know? It’s a god darn apocalypse out here and you need to know who we are and what we’re doing here.” Ellie said annoyingly.
“Ellie.” Joel said as he nudged her with his elbow. “The name’s Joel. And you’ve met Ellie here. Look we don’t wanna hurt you, just help. The infected that were just attracting you are dead. If it wasn’t for us you’d probably be dead by now. Your welcome.”
She lowered her arrow. “Are you sure?”
She jumped down from her perch on the branch and whistled. She had short, brown hair in a ponytail, navy blue tank top with a black vest over it, ripped, faded jean shorts, and black combat boots on. From the looks of it, she looked about fourteen years off.
“So are you gonna tell us your name or what?” Ellie said impatiently.
“Don’t get sassy girly.”
“Oh that’s it.” Ellie charged at her, dagger in hand before Joel grabbed her.
“Hey hey hey! You can’t kill her!” He yelled at her.
“Did you not just hear what she said to me!?” She yelled back.
“You need to calm down. I’ve only met you and you’re already over reacting.”
“And you be nice. We just helped you and this is the thanks you give us?”
“Good point. Want me to do a curtsy too? And make you dinner while I’m at it.” She said sarcastically.
“Don’t give me an attitude missy! We could’ve killed you too!”
In a matter of minutes what looked like a wolf ran to the girl’s side.
“Fine; I’m Jill and this is my pet wolf, yes wolf, Lux. Happy?”
“Satisfied,” Ellie said back.
“Good. Now that we’re all friends here ya’ll can stop yelling. Are ya trying to attract more zombies?”
“No, we were hoping to ask you something. If you’d just let us.” Ellie said.
“Oh I’m sorry; go ahead.” She said sarcastically.
“And cut it out with the sarcasm will ya!”
“Nah I’d rather not. But ask away.”
She took a deep breath and asked “Would you wanna team up with us. We would really love it if you did. Plus your dog there could help us out.”
“Hey no dog!” Joel interrupted.
“Then no thanks. If I can’t bring Lux, I’m staying put.” She said as she started to walk off.
Joel and Ellie looked at each other and Ellie gave him a look saying “now look what you did. I told you so”.
“Wait.” Joel called out as he turned around.
Jill also turned. “Can I help you?”
He took a deep breath in and let it out. “If we let you keep the dog, will you team with us? We could really use your ability to use a crossbow and the dog could come in handy too. So what do ya say?”
She stayed quiet for a while. “Fine. I’ll be back with my things. Unless you guys wanna stay here for the night and leave in the morning.”
They looked at each other again and nodded.
“Ok. Follow me.”

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