Honestly, our world now is terrible. Its only 2022 and its all came crumbling down, just like i knew it would. I'm Shauri, and if you ever heard of the hunger games, yep, just 2015 the presidents thing was turned down, so there is no presidents. Everyone was un-happy and started they actually stated the hunger games and they actually turned us into a country called kawalivanna. 12 districs and all that crap. But me and my brother michael, who is 18 now is done with the tourchure. Now you see Katniss Everdeen? Who knew she would be the one running all of this pain. In the books she seemed to hate this all, YOU GUESSED WRONG! im in district 3 and we are very poor, yep, you guessed it, coal miners. i dont have anyone but my brother and my best friend Niall horan. Yah, hes only 18. How will i survive? what happens when if i get choosen? read to find out.


1. what its all about...

Shauri POV:

dont think of this as the lovey dovey hunger games and all its glossiness and glory. No, its nothing like that. if your in it its worse. my name is Shauri and i hate this world, im pretty sure everyone does. as you see, the reaping is tomorrow and im going to probably be a tribute because my name, at this very moment i was voted in 56 times by the towns people, because they think i have a chance of winning. Niall Horan on the other hand, He is my best friend, but he, he is entered 89 times by the towns people. i've had a HUGE crush on him forever, but i will be strong, FOR GODS SAKE WE WILL PROBABLY BE ENDING UP KILLING EACH OTHER! I wont survive very long with or without him anyways. I also have a brother named Micheal. he is very sweet, and he is the one that protects me. We don't have a mother or a father, as they both died at the hunger games. MY brother is 18, Niall is 17 and i am sixteen. i have light brown hair and grey/blue eyes, and i am also know as the hunter in the 100 towns people we have. But that wont be for long. i will be gone soon and not there to feed the little weekling food that i have to the towns people. but ill get this. i think, lets just hope i dont get called tomorrow

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