The Teenage Pregnancy Pact.


1. The pregnancy pact.

It all started at a sleepover in the eighth grade we promised our kids would be best friends , and we promised that we would get pregnant around the same time , it's weird my friends and I don't even regret it at all. We are now 16 years old and we made this promise 3 years ago . We didn't realize that it would happen so soon.

Name: Lexis Maria Aydt

Age: 16

Grade: 10th

Best friends: Erin Kulpinski , Olivia Kulpinski , And Jewel Brown

Boyfriend: Liam Davidson

Name: Erin Faith Kulpinski


Grade: 10th

Best Friends: Lexis Maria, Jewel Brown , And Olivia Kulpinski

Boyfriend : Noah Jones

Name: Olivia Elizabeth Kulpinski

Age: 17

Grade: 10th

Best Friends: Lexis Maria , Erin Kulpinski , And Jewel Brown

Boyfriend: Drew Larkin

Name: Jewel Cheyenne Brown

Age: 17

Grade: 10th

Best Friends: Lexis Maria, Erin Kulpinski , And Olivia Kulpinski

Boyfriend : John David

When we were thirteen I ,Lexis Maria, was going by Lexie and I was all alone and thinking horrible thoughts, until I met a girl named Erin Kulpinski in my 2nd period class, social studies, she was from Arkansas and she had a twin sister whom I met 2 periods later in art. Jewel was from Missouri and I protected her in 7th period , choir, and we all became friends like that when I persuaded the teachers to seat us together. There we were unstoppable , until It happened I came to school and someone thought it funny to beat my best friends up.

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