The Teenage Pregnancy Pact.


4. Names

So we were at my house and we had a few baby name books on the table , we also had our phones, we were trying to figure out perfect names for all of our children.

I said "What about Toby and Maddisynne for boy/girl for me? And Caroline or Lena for you Olivia?"

Olivia stated "What if I have a boy?"

Erin muttered "How about Bennett or Bartlett?" then she said "We still don't know how many I'm having my ultra sound is tomorrow I'm scared can't we just pig out on ice cream, and do this after our appointments?"

I told her " Ok we will do this tomorrow.Lets go watch a movie, I have the house to my self , and you guys of course, let's watch anything you guys want. I'm hormonal so let's watch a good movie, may I suggest Titanic or The Lucky One?"

" How about the movie we watched the night this all started. The Last Mimzy." Erin said.

~~~~~~The next morning~~~~~~~~

*cough cough* "Lexis are you ok?"

"Yeah , I think so. NOPE!" I chocked running to the bathroom

"Eww morning sickness (I hope) I wish this wasn't part of being a mom."

Just then my phone buzzed "Hello?..."

" Liam what are you saying? ...You're breaking up with me? ...And you wanna be friends? ...Screw you. bye-bye douche!" Then I hung up

"Lexis are you ok?" Jewel asked seeing as they all heard that conversation.

"Not really" I sobbed chocking back tears. "I gave him two effing years of my life!"

"Lexis calm down." They said

"Owww!" I screamed"Get me to a hospital!"

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