The Teenage Pregnancy Pact.


2. How it's going.

So it happened in junior year if we needed support we'd go to our best friends and get hugs ( we won't be able to do this for long) so I'm around 1 1/2 months pregnant , Jewel is around 2 weeks, Erin is about 3 weeks, and Olivia is a 1 month. At first our parents were indecisive but we are fine (Erin and Olivia's mom has two pregnant daughters) I am really big for some reason , my mom said it might be twins (fingers crossed) I'm the youngest of the group and I have a ultrasound later. We all go together so I have to drive to the precious peeks ® and wait for them.

~~~~~~~~~~6 hours later~~~~~~~~

We got to Precious Peeks® and I get in the ultra sound room and am laying on the table, and Jewel ,Erin,And Olivia are sitting in the chairs in the room and the doctor comes in. "What do we have here?!?!" She said surprised , Jewel said " Friends of the patient , we are all pregnant "

" Really? How did this happen?" The doctor asked. "When we were in eighth grade we made a pact that our kids would grow up together and it happened sooner than we thought." I stated and then I said " DUDE ! Cold!!!!!" She told me that I'm bigger than someone who is at the 1 1/2 month stage, I said that I know , and the ultra-sound popped up, and sure enough there were two babies! "I'm so happy!" I screamed after the ultrasound on the way to McDonalds with them in the car and jewel asked if she should drive and I said that I could handle it.

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