The Teenage Pregnancy Pact.


5. Hospital

I woke up in a bed that wasn't mine in a room that wasn't mine. It was all white.

"Oh thank god she's awake" Erin exclaimed

"Lexis , you scared us. Are you feeling ok?" Jewel asked

Just then Olivia walked in with food (She eats when she's nervous)

"Oh my god she's awake!" she yelled running to me hugging me

"I'm in a lot of pain." I spoke to them "Where is the doctor?"

"Oh yeah your supposed to push the red button to call the doctor in" Jewel told me

So I pushed the button and sure enough the doctor came in and said i had scared a lot of people and I needed more rest and that I am now on bed rest until further notice.

I was discharged a few minutes later and we went to Erin, and Olivia's ultrasound.


"First we have ,Kulpinski ,Olivia " the ultrasound technician said.

So I wheeled myself to the room and they were already there. (I'm in a wheelchair because of the bed rest)

So the jelly was put on Olivia's stomach and she said

"COLD! Next time please warn me!"

"Sorry miss, there is the baby! It's too soon to tell their gender miss" the tech spoke

"How is the heartbeat? I asked

I was asking because I'm her friend not cuz it's wierd

"It's a great and healthy heart beat." the tech exclaimed

We left the room so she could change and the front desk lady said

" Can we have Kulpinski Erin please?"

I went with Erin and I told jewel I would text her the room number and to wait for Olivia because she would be mad too miss her sisters ultrasound

When we were all there the tech Came in and asked for erin to get on the table and she asked me to hold her hand in a non-weird way. I said its ok and sure.

"Erin the gel is a bit cold so be warned" I told her

The tech said "There are two steady heart beats miss Erin."

"I'm having twins!And your having twins Lexis!" Erin screamed

"Is that a coincidence?" Jewel asked

I said " I am pretty amazed jewel


" Just think in a few short months we will all be moms!" Olivia said

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