The Teenage Pregnancy Pact.


9. Gender Announcement and Weird cravings

So I am planning the party to deliver the news of my daughters gender. Its very weird I havent even told my bestfriends! Im keeping it a secret for awhile.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Erin Pov~~~~~~~~~~

Im seirously craving some pretty WEIRD stuff Right Now like choclate covered mac'n'cheese. Olivia is now getting sick more often. im like 100% sure that she is having a boy i honestly cant wait for my kids to grow up with hers its going to be so fun!

~~~~Brown household~~~~

Oh my god I'm getting so big! Lexis is coming over to drive me to the doctor and I think that she has way too much excitement.



"Hey jewel I want to break up with you."


"Yeah you are pregnant and I'm not ready to be a dad."

"You are such an ass! Bye bye douche"

*Hung up*

*bing bong*

"Jewel it's Lexis! Come on ,So are you ready to know what your kid Is?"

"No! John just broke up with me"

"I'm here ok we can talk about that ass on the way there."

"But I really loved him!"

"I know!"

~~~~~Skip the car ride~~~~~

"Can we have miss jewel brown?"

"Are you ready jewel?"

"Yeah let's go!"

~~~~~~~Ultrasound Room~~~~~~~~

"Hello Miss Brown, how are you feeling?"

"Like a complete piece of crap."

"Her OYFRIEND BAY UMPED DAY HER ODAY TAY" I say speaking pig Latin.


I'm so excited she is having a little Boy! Sweet Barklie!

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