The Teenage Pregnancy Pact.


3. another pregnant teen

So my friend Alexis came and told me the news!

"Lexis I'm pregnant!"

"That's amazing news Alexis! How far along are you?"

"About a month.I just told Jayden, he broke up with me"

" THAT DOUCHE !!! I'm gonna kill him Alexis , I can't believe him!"

"Pregnancy Hormones?"

"No I'm gonna kick him where it hurts!"

Just then my friend Madelyne came over (She's one of my close friends)

"Lexis how is your baby?" (M)

"Actually there is something I need to tell you! I'm having twins!" (L)

"Really! That's amazing Lexis!" (M)

"Awesome Lexis!" (A)

"You look amazing by the way!" (M)

"Can you say that when I'm 17 and I have stretch marks? " (L)

"Absolutly!" (A & M)

"And if they are both girls I'm naming them Madelyne and Maddisynne, after you Madelyne!"

" I'm honored Lexis!"

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