Just Friends...not.

Michelle is your average high school teenage girl. Or, at least as average as it gets. She's popular, all the teachers loves her, and she has the best boyfriend ever. Saxon Lyman. But what happens when her childhood friend, Derek Graham, starts increasing their friendship to the next level. Is he just trying to mess with her emotions? Break up her relationship with Saxon? All of the above?


1. Home From Camp

Derek pulls in front of a small-looking house. My house. Ran pours down from the dark, puffy clouds floating up in the sky. He looks out the window, then back at me. "Here's where you depart young miss." His voice is deep and husky. Damn it puberty. I wish he was still the same young, ignorant Derek I grew up with. Who am I kidding? He still is.

I smile right at him. "Why thank you, my knight in shining armor," I say, and I top it all off with a wink. And in a matter of seconds, we're both in fits of laughter. What we do, what we say, is all just a simple joke. "When will I here from you again?"

He sighs. "I'm actually going to the movies with Ryan and Garrett. So it might be two to three hours before I text you. Do you think you can manage that?" He gives me his best "sad puppy dog" faces, and grabs my hand and places it over his heart.

I yank it away jokingly. "That's way too easy. I can-" I stop mid-sentence as I spot a figure on my front porch. I bring up my sleeve from my jacket and wipe away some of the fog on my window. As it clears up, I spot him.

Saxon Lyman.

My boyfriend.

Who, at the moment, looks very irritated seeing the person I'm in the car with. Go figure.

Derek glances out my window, then back at me. He must've spotted Saxon too, because any smile or cheerfulness on his face was totally wiped out. "Yeah, I see. Well, get out of my car now." Annoyance rung through his voice. I swear he's bipolar...

Not knowing what to do, I awkwardly pat him on the shoulder and grab my bags. I quickly mumble a goodbye, and slip out of the car.

The ran poured hard, and already started to drench me and my bags. It didn't help when Derek drove away, and his car splashed me with water.

I trudge to the front steps, eager to be close to Saxon again.

He takes my bags away from me and sets the aside. "How was camp?"

Three simple words, and for some reason I can't find my voice. Hearing him talk again melted my insides. I was falling in love with him all over again. "It was...uh.." I started to cough. And cough, and cough, and cough. Saxon stood there, just watching me. He knew me all too well. "It was fine, I guess."

He slowly nodding his head, eyeing me at the same time. "Just fine? Did you swim? Do activities? Meet any cute boys?" That last question brought me back to reality. What was he trying to get at?

I chuckled. "Boys? Oh yeah. Tons of them. Too many to name in fact. Most of them were just watching me in my bikini..." I left the sentence hanging for him to finish. His mood nor expression changed one bit.

"I bet that was nice view. Too bad you weren't there at the beach when I was the life guard. I got seven girls' numbers. All in one day." I saw what he was trying to do. Two can play at this game.

I cleared my throat. "I sure hope you called them. You wouldn't want to just leave them hanging, now would we?" I squinted my eyes at him, and his eyes softened a bit. I did it. I passed his stupid little test, that somehow I just love.

He walked slowly toward me, and out of the blue, he picked me up and twirled me in the air. Rain or not, I felt like the sun was shining at us from a million miles away.

He cupped my face in his hands, and whispered so softly, it was barely audible. "I missed you, Michelle." Then slowly, but with passion, kissed me. Over and over and over. I was glad to be home again.


Hi everybody. I know it's been a while. School and all. But I actually hand written this story, so hopefully I will update it daily for all of you guys. I'm not sure if I will continue my other stories yet, but I will finish them sometime later on. Thanks everyone! If you also have a story you want me to check out, go ahead and comment it below! Thanks, again.

















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