geek+ cool kid= cutest couple

Juli Egbert is a 16 year old girl who falls in love with her brother's best friend. The only ironic part of that all is that they have very little in common. She's a nerd and he's a cool kid, shades and everything. But lucky for her, he loves irony.


2. I can't find an ugly sweater

"John can you help me find an ugly sweater?" Juli called from inside her room.

"Sure." John walked in wearing a blue and white patterned sweater with a snowman on it.

"Nice sweater." Juli said sarcastically.

"Ha ha thank you. Now let's find you something." He said as he scavenged through her closet for an ugly sweater.

He pulled out a red and green Christmas sweater with Rudolph on it. She put it on and it was a little oversized but she still wore it.

"Thanks John. Now get out so I can find some pants to wear." She pushed him out of the room and went to her drawer to pull out black leggings. She put them on and did her makeup real quickly. She was sort of a scene girl so she over did it with the eyeliner. But after she was done she went downstairs to find John talking to Dave.

"Hey Dave." She waved at him and smiled.

In return he saluted her with his usual poker face. God how she wished he would smile at her so she knew if he liked her or not. Oh gog did I forget to mention that she had a HUGE crush on the young Strider? Well she did and well with the way his cool kid façade completely took over his emotions and made it really easy for him to hide them, she had no idea how he felt about her.  Anyway, back to the story.

She walked downstairs smiling and fixing her hair.

"My god how much eyeliner can one girl put on?" Dave asked.

"Well it depends on their personality. Scene and emo girls usually put on this much. And I'm scene-ish so yeah I show it through the amount of eyeliner I put on. It's pretty self explanatory actually." She explained.

"Well then. So like do you like get bullied at school or like get called emo or something? Like I don't mean to offend you or anything but I'm just wondering." He asked.

"Well yeah sometimes by the people that don't really know me well enough to know that I just really like the emo/scene style. But you get used to it and learn to shake it off."

"Wow that's interesting to know. I just learned a new thing about your sister John."

"Ha ha I'm actually kinda surprised that you didn't already know that Mr. Strider." John said.

"Oh shut up dude that is so not cool." Dave said as he punched John in the shoulder playfully.

Juli smiled and giggled at John's remark. Maybe he did have a little thing for her? Oh who knows. He's a man of many mysteries.

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