Nothing Like Us

No description needed


4. Maybe More Than Friends

The covert had ended and right when I got in my moms car, I went in my purse and took the note out.

The note read:

"You're so beautiful and I would love to see you again! Before you take me up on my offer I want you to know that I don't what to know you as a friend but at more. I really felt something between us an I think you felt it too. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. If you would like to hang out text me!


On the back of the page was his number and right away I took out my phone and texted him

"Hey cutie this is Chelsea from the concert(:"

Less than a minute later he texted back and said

"Hello beautiful"

Our conversation went on all night and we got to know each other better and even made plans to hang out.. The next day!

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