Nothing Like Us

No description needed


1. Belieber


"So what do you say? Me, you, tomorrow night?"

"Yes yes yes! A million times yes!"

"Great, I'll pick you up at 4"

Aubree hung up the phone and as I threw the phone from my closet to me bed, I almost couldn't contains my excitement! Why? Because tomorrow I was going to a Justin Bieber concert with my best friend! And guess what else? We have meet and greet passes and pit passes! I know, tomorrow will be a night to remember. It was 10:00 pm and I still have yet to take a shower. I was debating weather I wanted to or not but I had cheer and definitely needed one. I hopped in the shower and quick washed and conditioned my hair, shaved (because I had to look perfect) and washed my body. When I got out i put on my cozy jammies and snuggled up in bed and fell asleep right away.


"Wake up Chelsea, breakfast!" My mom called from the bottom of the stairs. Instantly I jumped up out of bed, ran down stairs and sat down at the island right in the middle if the kitchen. My mom served eggs and bacon and I ate 2 prices of bacon and 2 eggs. My dad came down the stairs and I looked over to see him. He seemed as if he was in some kind of a hurry because he came downstairs, grabbed a lunch, kissed my mom and on his way out kissed me on the forehead. Mom yelled "Have a good day" but he didn't respond, all I heard was the door slam.

"What's wrong with him" I asked

"Nothing he's just running late for work that's all" she replied

Work? On a Saturday? Okay, doesn't bother me.. Because that was the least of my worries, it was already 11:00 am and I only had 5 hours to get ready. That was more than enough time but like I said before, I needed to look perfect. When I was done eating, I went upstairs and did my makeup really nice. It was almost perfect besides the clumps in my mascara which I had no control over. When I was done with my makeup it was on to hair, now that was perfect. I used my new curling wand that I got for my birthday just a few weeks ago and man, it was good. I got dressed into legging yoga pants and my navy sequin Ugg boots which were also new, and a cute crop sweater that I've had since freshman year but only wore a few times. By the time I finished getting ready it was almost 4:00 pm and I couldn't have been more excited!

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