our little secret

Enya is a rich, sassy billionair's daughter who falls in love with aiden, a criminal. the many obstacles they face and heartbreaks to keep each other safe. with out being able to tell anybody, will their love keep on holding on?


2. part two(ending)- our little secret


 Aiden was coming into the warehouse after getting an old friend and the police.

                                "Yo, Marono, do you know where she could be?" Officer Jones His best friend during middle school and high school asked. Before Aiden could reply, he heard a voice that he knew all too well.

                                  "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Erik said with a gun pointed at Aiden's head. Aiden turned around, he couldn't see Jones anywhere. Aiden growled in frustration at Erik.

                                       "You're a sick man for doing this. I should've killed you a long time ago!" Aiden yelled at him.

                                   "Yet I am the one who is holding the gun" Erik replied cockily. "Why would you kill me? I am the one who raised you like a father for the past six years. your real parents abused you and broke you down. You have the scars to prove it, they disowned you. I'm the one that help build you back up. Now what you do to thank me? You fall in love with this rich, spoiled brat?" he said appalled.

                               Don't you ever say anything about Enya! You didn't build me up, you manipulated me to doing things that should never have happened." Aiden said, disgusted of himself.

                 Erik just laughed "If I hadn't interfered, you still think you would've end up with her? This fantasy is all in your head."

                         "Shut up!" Aiden was mad because he knew what Erik was saying was true, but wouldn't give him the satisfaction.

                                "You know I'm right. Come on Aiden, come with me! Erik chided.

                      "No, you're not my father in any way" Aiden's voice was cold hard. His face what stone hard.

                               "Just come with-"he was cut off when two shots were fired. Erik looked down and saw his blue shirt was stained with blood on his stomach and chest. Aiden was shocked at first but then he let out a breath of relief he didn't even know he was holding. He turned around to see jones standing there holding the gun.

                   "You really think I'd leave you?" Officer Jones smirked.

                     "Glad to see you still car for me" Aiden muttered under his breath. He was happy though, Aiden was going to burst at Erik if he stood there listening to the rubbish coming out of that scumbag's mouth and didn't know he would have lived long enough after that to get back Enya. Enya, his sweet beautiful  Enya was still with Cameron he didn't know what condition she is in. the love of his life was all he had to hold on to. Once he got her back, Aiden vowed he would change, instead of being the criminal he would ask jones if he can help in catching them.

                               "Come on, let's get your girl and the other rat there, we wouldn't want the boys outside to be kept waiting." Jones turned around to go but then turned back to ace Aiden again.

                           "One question, how in God's name did you get to Enya Endridge? All the eligible bachelors her parents want her to be with gave up and went into depression." He mused. "Did you drug her?" Jones said as seriously as he could muster. There was silence between both of them before both of them erupted into laughter.

             "Thank you" Aiden smiled at his old friend gratefully.

                               "For what?" Jones was confused, why was his old friend thinking him for lightning up the atmosphere. Aiden just shrugged.

                                    "For being here for me, for making me laugh. I haven't done that since I was last with Enya." Aiden had a distant look on his face thinking of the times they were together. They used to fight and then make up with so much passion. They were meant to be. Jones understood now why he was thanking him.

                                "Let's get that girl of yours. You go this way, I'll go the other" he replied. Aiden nodded then both of them parted ways to find Enya.

                           Aiden heard screams coming from a white dirty door. He knew them all too well now. They were Enya's screams. He ran into the room and couldn't believe what he saw.


                             Enya was praying to god for some miracle. She was fully naked in front of Cameron. Now that the drug was wiping off, Enya felt everything so sensitively. Cameron was touching her everywhere and Enya knew she couldn't do anything. Just when she was about to give up and accept her fate, the man of her dreams barged in. then she fell into unconsciousness

 Cameron stood up, he was shocked to see Aiden standing there.

                      "How did you get in the door was locked." He said truly mad right now.

                           "That doesn't matter, give me Enya and your sentence can be lowered. Erik is dead so you don't have any excuse." Aiden said, holding Cameron at gun point. Cameron's jaw twitched as he knew that Aiden had the upper hand. He put his hands up in surrender and started to untie the ropes holding Enya. But then, as fast as lightning, he held Enya to gun point.

                        "If you move I'll kill her" he said while moving to the door "I will not let you win this time. You were always called the best. Only I know who you really are. You worthless, cheap, good-for- nothing bast- ugh," he grunted when Enya kicked him where the sun doesn't shine. Aiden took this chance to shoot, but the shot wasn't a clear shot so it only hit him in the stomach. Cameron fell on his knees holding his stomach.

                      Enya stumbled over to Aiden. He swept her up into a bear hug. When he let go you couldn't keep the smile of his face.

                          "You're okay." His voice cracked. He hugged her again, burrowing his face in her neck. "I love you, I love you so much, and I will never leave you, no matter the circumstances."

                           "I know, let's get out of here before he comes back into a conscious state." She whispered, her voice was hoarse, from no more energy to talk normally.

                          "Agreed" he smiled at her which she returned back. Enya saw through her peripheral vision Cameron going for his gun.

                           "Aiden watch out!" She yelled. Enya blocked Aiden's body so Cameron wouldn't shoot him. It was like everything was moving in slow motion. By the time Aiden moved out the way there was a loud "bang" and everything went silent.

                                 "Enya" he whispered. Enya was clutching her stomach where it was now staining the shirt she wore. Aiden ran over to her as fast as he could. "No, no, NO! It wasn't supposed to end like this. We were supposed to be together."

                              "I-I l-love you too, but t-this was m-meant to be, c-can you do o-one last t-thing for m-me?" she stuttered.

                               " Yes anything for you my darling," Aiden kissed her hand which was becoming cold by the second.

                              "W-we've kept t-this a s-secret for so long, I w-want to k-keep it l-like this forever." She swallowed. "Move on from me Aiden. I-I love y-you so much, do s-something w-with your life. Don't f-forget m-me, but don't k-keep h-holding on. It's our little secret" Enya had a small smile on her face when she closed her eyes forever.

                           Jones barged in, with his SWAT team. There was yelling and commotions all around Aiden. But he only focus was the beautiful angel in front of him.

                              There was no pain, no fear, no regret in both of them, only numbness coursing through their bodies. Aiden caressed Enya's cheek was stained with her own blood.

                             "Our little secret." He whispered to her, and then he was taken away from her.



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