Little White Lies: A Harry Styles Love Story

Anna and Harry had a past and Anna had done everything in her power to forget about him. But when he comes back into her life, and they rekindle what they had, things of downhill for both Anna's mental health and for Harry's career.


5. Truth



We decided to meet at his house, only because the paparazzi aren't allowed near his house and we figured it would be best for both of us if this small meeting would go undisclosed and private. The phone call was quick and informative, and I don't think he really knew my intentions of today's little get together.


I wore my lucky blue shirt, just to make sure everything goes well, I'm not really superstitious but this shirt is the only way I can make it through certain situations. I paced back and forth a bit before choosing to ring the doorbell. I could feel my heart beating in my feet and it took me a good pep talk to prevent myself from turning around and running home. The door opened slowly and out popped his head. He looked cute with his pushed back curls with a bandana, he's change a lot. "Hi Harry," I greeted without a smile. I wasn't there to make up and reminisce, I was there to find out why he excommunicated me. His friendly smile faded a bit at my uncanny greeting. He opened the door fully and let me in. I looked around at what I assumed was the most expensive home in London. Everything in it was modern and looked like it belonged in a catalogue. Three years ago, he would have laughed at someone who decorate their house like this. He's definitely changed, and now I was starting to believe what people say about him.


I stared at his hand which was wrapped up in an ace bandage. "What happened?" I asked, staring at his hand and only his hand.


"Nothing, I just hit it the wrong way." Lies...I knew he was lying. I can always tell when he's lying, he's a bad liar. "Do you want anything? Water? Something to eat?" I shook my head and tried to take a seat on his nice white leather couch but he stopped me before I could. "Don't sit there please, it's just for show. Let's sit in here." He took me into an equally as nice room. The only difference was that there was a TV and the couches were black. I took off my coat and sat down uncomfortably, holding my hands in my lap politely. He went to talk but I cut him off rudely, like I said...I wasn't there to reminisce.


"How come you never called?" I asked coldly. He sat down adjacent to me on the longer part of the sofa, his back hunched and his feet both awkwardly facing inward. He took a few shaky deep breaths and was silent for a few moments. He moved next to me, confusing me. He snuck his hand onto the back on my neck, tilting my head up to meet his. I was confused but I kept quite because I wanted to see where this would go. He placed his injured hand on my lap. His face came a bit closer to mine and I grew even more displeased and uncomfortable. I stuttered and avoided his eyes. He began to say what I didn't want to here,


"Im in lo-" I pushed him away before he could finish. He's in love with me...he's in love with me! He's in love with me? I wasn't just confused, now I was angry. I stood up quickly and gave him a look of disappointment.


"You son of a bitch," I whispered angrily as I grabbed my coat and made my way to the door. He grabbed my arm with his good hand. I swung around hard and my first reaction was to hit him so I did...with both his chest. "So all this time you didn't talk to me because you were in love with me?" I looked at him with tears just waiting to fall. "You've got to be kidding me." He looked horrified, as if he'd just witnessed murder. His chest heaved up and down and his face was drained of all color. "You couldn't have just told me?" I began to pace back and forth and it took me my all strength not to just break down right in front of him. "So instead of telling me you love me, you left me hanging for three years and made me think you hated me and never wanted to talk to me again? All because you love me?" I stopped right in front of him and looked him in the eyes. I saw the pain in his eyes and the utter disbelief in his face. All I could do was turn and leave, and slam the door behind me. I got into my car and slammed my fists on the steering wheel about ten times as I screamed and cried to myself. I started the car and drove all the way to my flat with tear filled eyes, almost hitting a few people on the way. I ran passed Milo and the doorman and briskly walked up to my flat as quick as I could. I ran in and slammed the door and knocked over the first thing I laid eyes on. A few seconds later there was a knock on the door. I looked through the peep hole and saw a familiar dark haired boy, Milo. I answered and let him in. We talked for a while, he was comforting me and all I could do was accept his comforting words. I offered him a drink and he gladly took it as we carried on with talking.

*4 beers later*

He pulled me in for a hug and as we pulled away, I felt the urge to kiss him, so I did. It's not that I liked him, I just felt empty inside and maybe a small hook up would help. Our lips collided but I felt nothing, nothing but his lips on mine. I slowly leaned backwards and before I knew it, we were going all the way. He was the one touching and caressing me but all I could think of was Harry's pained and terrified face. 

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