Little White Lies: A Harry Styles Love Story

Anna and Harry had a past and Anna had done everything in her power to forget about him. But when he comes back into her life, and they rekindle what they had, things of downhill for both Anna's mental health and for Harry's career.


9. Love

"Harry I'm tired, can I just crash here for the night?" 

We had just gotten home from Cheshire, it was almost midnight and I was ready to pass out. Harry huffed, I knew he had an interview in the morning but I couldn't bring myself to go home. "Fine." I ran upstairs and hopped in his bed. I closed my eyes and waited to fall asleep which seemed like forever. Eventually, I could feel Harry's arms around my body. I could feel the warmth of his legs wrapped around mine. I didn't say anything, I just cuddled closer to him and fell right asleep.


I woke up just as I had fallen asleep. Except I felt even more dead than I did the night before. Harry had left, not too long ago I assumed, the bed was still warm and the air felt thick from the shower steam. I was still in the same sweats from yesterday and I couldn't go another minute without changing so I decided to put on something of Harry's considering all of my clothes were worn already. I began rummaging through his drawers. The first draw was all socks...he is the only person I know that dedicates an entire draw for socks. I opened the second draw and heard the familiar sound of pill bottles. I didn't think much of it at first but my curiosity got the best of me. My eyebrows furrowed at the idea of Harry hiding medication. I began to look for the bottles carefully so nothing was out of place. Xanax and Klonopin...both recently prescribed by his doctor within the last month. The lump was back and I knew this was wrong and the fact that I was still standing here looking at the bottles made me feel like a horrible person. But the fact that Harry needed medication like this just made me feel a bit sad and helpless. Was he depressed? Was it social anxiety? Was it anxiety induced depression? So many questions began to run through my mind but I pushed them aside and put everything back in the order they were left in and closed the draw.

I began to go through the next one right beneath the other one and I found a nice t shirt and threw that over my head. In attempt to find a pair of gym shorts, I stumbled across a piece of crumbled paper. I unfolded it and a picture fell out. It was a picture of Harry and I. I gasped in surprise yet at the same time I laughed at the fact that it was us when we were 5. He had his silly, straight, blonde hair and his big green eyes, he was the cutest. I on the other hand looked like a silly little girl with my hair in pigtails and my tongue sticking out. I sighed and stuffed the picture in my bra and began to stare at the wrinkly paper addressed to Anna Kyle who just so happens to be me. The date was August of 2012, over a year ago. Something came over me, and I couldn't bring myself to read it, so I just folded it up nicely and put it in my bra with the picture. I quickly closed the drawer and went downstairs, all the way down into the gym part of his house. Next to that room was a room filled with couches and a giant TV, my favorite room in his house.

I woke up an hour later to the sound of Harry shouting my name frantically. I jumped up, scared and it was as if there were some sort of disaster going on. He ran into the room and accidentally bumped into me, causing me to lose my balance and fall back onto the couch. "Harry," I whined and he just stared at me, his chest heaving up and down. "What's the matter?" I asked as I swallowed hard, beads of sweat began to form at my hair line. He wouldn't answer me. He just simply stood there staring down at me. My throat grew dry and my hands were getting clammier by the second. "Harry!" I yelled. He was truly scaring me. 

"Where you going through my dresser?" He asked, I kind of felt bad and I felt my cheeks turn a light red. I took a deep breath and confessed. 

"Yes but only because I wanted to change m-" 

"Did you find a crumbled piece of paper in one of the draws?" I instantly looked down at my bra where the letter resided and then back to his worried face. 

"No," I lied right to his face without a trace of guilt. My name was on that letter and I was determined to read it. "No I don't know what you're talking about." I shook my head and watched him freak out. He kept mumbling things and pacing back and forth. Eventually he went upstairs and I of course followed him all the way up to his room. He began to nervously to through his second drawer, the one with the pills in it and after a minute or so, he just stopped. His head hung and I watched as his hands grasp around the bottle of Xanax. Then the guilt set in...yet I couldn't bring myself to tell him that I had it. But secretly I think he knew. 

"I think you should go..." 

And so I did.

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