Little White Lies: A Harry Styles Love Story

Anna and Harry had a past and Anna had done everything in her power to forget about him. But when he comes back into her life, and they rekindle what they had, things of downhill for both Anna's mental health and for Harry's career.


12. Dreams Do Come True

Of course in the midst of everything else, I was in a whole new country, let alone continent. But I guess this could be a good distraction.

New York City was everything I've always dreamed of. The bright lights, the big buildings, the amazing fashion, it was mind blowing. Harry slept all the way from the airport to the hotel but I on the other hand was wide awake and enjoying every second of it. As soon as we got into the hotel room, which by the way was the most beautiful room I've ever seen, Harry immediately crawled under the covers and was ready to pass out. I was ready to go out and explore the big city of New York and I wasn't afraid of going alone. So, I got dressed in my best New York style clothes that I had. My cream colored leggings with a nice white top and my cream leather jacket with my black boots. I gave Harry a kiss on the forehead before I left, even though I knew he was still awake. I made the long trek down to the lobby and semi-braced myself for the crowd in front of the hotel. It was mobbed with fans and paparazzi and I was actually frightened. They know who I am, they know I'm associated with Harry and  I know they won't let me off easily.

I exited the luxury of the hotel and entered the cold, dark sea of people. A few people shouted my name and after I pushed through them, only one paparazzi and a few fans went after me. I ignored the man but I couldn't just ignore these freezing girls who wanted my attention. The other fans I've met were really rude and obnoxious but these girls were actually really polite. If they were to come up to me a month ago, I would have flipped out but I kind of felt bad this time. Besides the fact that they were following me, they weren't screaming at me or nagging me. Actually, they were whispering nice things about me. I actually heard one girl whisper, "She's so gorgeous, she really deserves Harry." and I couldn't help but gush to myself. As I approached the corner of 7th Avenue, I turned to the girls. 

"Are you girls alright? Are you cold?" I asked. All three girls squealed to themselves as the guy snapped pictures of us. Then I turned to the man who looked as if he was in his mid 40's and gave him a piece of my mind. "Is there a reason you're following me? You know, I don't know if anyone has told you this before but taking pictures of a nineteen year old girl along with these young girls at your age is actually kind of sick. So as a human being whose personal space is currently being invaded by you and your cheep camera, I have the right to ask you to get off my case!" The man looked at me and took off as if I were going to scream rape. I turned to the three girls and we began to laugh. 

"Anna, you are so pretty oh my god can we take a picture with you?" Asked the girl with bleach blonde hair. All three girls looked about 16 and I honestly couldn't remember looking like them when I was 16. Three years ago I was the most promiscuous little slut you would ever meet, only because I was hiding my sadness. These girls looked like they sat home on their computer watching videos of Harry and the boys all day and occasionally took a break to do homework. They were so cute and I wanted to do all I could for them. 

"A picture?" I asked. I was confused as to why they would want a picture with me? All I am is an average girl, yet it fascinates me about how these girls who are also just as average as me want a picture with me. "Why?" 

"Well," started the other blonde, "You're beautiful and we think you're really funny from what we've heard and anyone who makes Harry happy is someone we would want to be seen with."

"Plus," began the third girl, "The way you handled that pap was uh-mazing!" I laughed. I had just met these girls and I am literally in love with them. Yet, I was kind of hoping they didn't know the extent of Harry and I's relationship. 

"Oh of course I'll take a picture with you girls! After that, I can't say no!" I've never felt so willing to be nice in my life. If Harry saw me right now, he wouldn't know who I was. We took the picture and the girls squealed with happiness. These girls looked so cold that I couldn't let them go back to standing outside waiting to meet Harry which I knew was never going to happen. "Will you guys come along to Panera with me? It'll be my treat." I asked. I sort of felt obligated to do so, but I really did want to. The three girls exchange looks, then looked back at the crowd in front of the hotel. 

"Well, we really don't want to miss Harry coming outside an-"

"Trust me, Harry won't be out for a while." They agreed, and I felt so accomplished. 

By the time we finished, I had learned everything about the three and honestly I don't think there could be sweeter fans than them. I learned that one of the girls was an insider for a big "update account" as she calls it and that's why she was following me, I also learned that they had been outside of our hotel since 6am, it was now 9pm and these girls planned to sleep on the cold ground tonight just to catch a glimpse of Harry. So as the saint I was being tonight, I came up with a plan. I excused myself from the table and ran outside and called Harry. I didn't know if he was up or if he would even go for what I was proposing. The phone rang and he immediately picked up, he sounded happy and awake which I was so glad to hear. We talked for about a minute before I started talking about he girls. 

"So, before you completely shoot me down, here me out. I met these three fans and Harry, they really inspired me. They've been here since 6 this morning and plan on sleeping outside to see you." I heard Harry sigh and knowing Harry, it was a sigh of worry. "So I was thinking, since they were polite and they are so dedicated to you, I really want to do something for them." 

"Like what?" he asked skeptically. 

"I was just going to ask if maybe I could bring them into the hotel so you could meet them and then maybe put them in a hotel room." 

"A hotel room?"

"Yea I mean it's late Harry. They're young and they can't go home now!" 

"Um. Okay, I mean I guess. I can't promise I won't fall asleep mid conversation." I smiled to myself, once again feeling accomplished. I knocked on the window of Panera and waved the girls to come outside.

"No wonder everyone loves you Harry. You're a sweetheart." I laughed and so did he. I could tell he was biting his lip because his laugh was muffled. "I love you," I whispered quietly.

"I love you too," and with that I hung up. The girls looked confused and as I stared down at them, I couldn't help but feel like a mother about to tell their children they were going to Disney World for the first time. I turned to the girls and smiled at them widely. They were so clueless it was almost funny. 

I led the girls back to the hotel and when we got up to our floor, Harry was waiting outside the door. The girls literally dropped dead... It was so great to help make these girls' dreams come true and you know, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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