Baby Payne

This is my first story so be nice to me please.

Hi my name is Lea and I have a baby girl her name is Rachel. Rachel has no father because well her father does not know about Rachel. Her father is Liam Payne yes that's right Liam Payne from One Direction. What happens when One direction goes door to door to sell something? Will Liam find out about his 2 years old daughter? Read the story to find out.


7. Chapter 3

Liam's POV

I cant believe that just happened I mean I just found out that my ex-girlfriend was pregnant when I broke up with her but wait a second when I saw Rachel I remembered what happened 2 years ago.


After I told broke up with Lea she started crying and mumbling I cold only catch small parts of it like what, about, baby, I didn't really understand why though so I just pushed it out of my head and then she slapped me with all of her might and ran out of the house. I decided to go and look around to see if I could find anything and I saw a picture of an ultrasound and their was a note on it for her it said "Lea remember when Liam comes back come and get this and it to him" I was now very confused but I decided to open it anyway and what I found shocked me it was of an ultrasound and it had the patints name on the top and what it said surprised me it said "Lea Michele" I looked at the picture and saw that it was a baby. After I saw that I swore to myself to go and find Lea and be in the babies life.

-Flashback ended-

I can not believe I forgot all about my baby girl I mean I swore I would find her and Lea but I gave up. I hate myself now and look at me I was going to get married to Dani. I think I will text her and tell her that we can not be together because I do have a family and I want to be in their lifes so here I go.

(It starts with Liam texting Dani)

Dani <3- Hey babe I don't think I can marry you I mean I have a family and I want to be their for them and with them I mean I have missed 2 years of my baby girls life.

Liam- I understand Liam. I am very happy for you. Tell Lea that im sorry for being a complete bitch to her. Hope we can still be friends.

Dani <3- of course we can still be friends, and thank you for not being all dramtic and shit and understanding were im coming from.

Liam- of course I would look at you perspective because I know that this is hard for you and all so I know you are stressed right now, and your welcome. Bye

Dani <3- bye :)

After that I went and changed Dani's name to just Dani. I was finally done and I went into the kitchen were everybody was when I walked in all eyes were on me except for Leas and Rachels because they were in the mood for playing with toys. It was time with me to tell everybody that me and Dani are no more and it is because I want to be their for family so I went and got everybody's attention Louis ,Niall, Zayn, and Harry all asked me what so I told them that me and Dani just split up and we are both just friends now and the reason why is because I want to be with my little family and I want to see my baby girl grow up.


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