Baby Payne

This is my first story so be nice to me please.

Hi my name is Lea and I have a baby girl her name is Rachel. Rachel has no father because well her father does not know about Rachel. Her father is Liam Payne yes that's right Liam Payne from One Direction. What happens when One direction goes door to door to sell something? Will Liam find out about his 2 years old daughter? Read the story to find out.


6. Chapter 2

Lea's pov-

It was getting kinda awkward with Liam around. I heard Rachel crying. Thankgod savedby her crying. I was running up the stairs. The most unbelievable thing happened. I missed a step and slipped. I fell on top of my arm and heard a crack. I screamed in pain. 'Owww!' When I finally reached the bottom again all the boys came rushing to me. 'Liam go get Rachel please, and louis I trust you with all my might I need you to drive me to the hospital with no more injuries please.' 'Well do said louis helping me up.' Liam rushes up the stairs and gets Rachel. 'Ill meet you at the hospital' Liam yelled. 'Ill stay with him.' Nial told me. 'Thanks.' 'Louis and I headed to the hospital with zayn and harry. I was in so much pain. 'Owww my arm is killing me!' I screamed in pain. 'Were almost there now love calm down a little bit please.' 'Ok harry I will try too.' We finally got to the hospital I hope Rachel is ok with Liam and Niall.

Liam's pov-

I went rushing up the stairs to get Rachel like Lea told me too. I grabbed her and she stoppedcrying. I yealled back to the other's 'ill meet you guys at the hospital!' I heard the door close I was carrying Rachel in my arms I walked down the stairs carefully not to drop her. I look around to see Niall standing there alone. 'What are you doing here? Arent you suppose to be with the others?' 'I promised Lea

That I would saty with you.' 'Oh ok so I guess we should get going and go to the hospital.' 'Yea mate lets go.' I grabbed Rachel's car seat. Locked the door and went to my car with niall following behind. We get into the car and start driving to the hospital.

Lea's pov-

I was seated on the bed while the doctor was wrapping my arm into a cast. It turns out that I did break it great how I'm I going to take care of  Rachel now. I see liam walking in with her now.'What happened did you break it?'Liam asked. 'Yea now I have to wear a cast its gonna be hard taking care of Rachel now.' 'Its ok you'll be able to handle it.' Louis said 'I guess so.' 'Ok Ms. You'll be fine just don't put pressure on it come back in a month you are free to go home now and dont wet the cast either.'the doctor said. 'Ok doctor thanks.' I got up and left. The lads behind me. I get into louis car with zayn and harry in the back. Liam and niall in liam's car. We go back to my flat. 

~Skip Car ride~

When we reached my flat Rachel was asleep. Liam carried her to my flat. I opened my door to let them in. Liam took rachel to her room and layed her down. 

Danielle's Pov

I logged into twitter to see that the boys had gone to Lea's flat. Ugh liam's ex. I dont like her. I dont want Liam near her. Luckly she send in her address by a tweet. Ima go over there and get Liam away from her. I grabbed my car keys and headed out the door locking it.

~Skip car ride~

I finally got to Lea's flat. I went to her apartment number. I knocked on the door. She opened it. Her smile faded. 'Hey is Liam here?' 'Ya hold up ill go call him.' 'Can i go inside.' 'No.' I pushed my way inside anyways. 'Hey can you get out of my house i said ill call liam for you.' 'Im already inside ill just look for him myself.' 'No, get out of my house.' 'Lea who's at the door?'Liam asked. He was peeking out of the kitchen with the other lads. 'Hey babe i just came by so we could go get lunch.' ' umm ok danielle how did you find us?'liam asked. 'Twitter duh.' Some baby started to cry. Lea went up stairs to get the baby. She came back down with a baby girl. 'Oh who's this?'i asked. 'Its my daughter Rachel.' 'Who's the father?' 'Liam is the father.' 'W-what your lying you piece of shit.' 'Nope ask him yourself and dont call that infront of my daughter.' 'Liam is this true?' He looked down. 'Yes' he mumbled. I turned around and left out the door running to the car. I hear footsteps. I turn around to see liam after me. I dont want to talk to him. I get in my car and sped away.

A/N~ hi ok so dont judge us because we made danielle mean its just part of the story but we dont mean it she is a wonderful person and i know she wouldnt treat anyone that way what so ever. Thank you hope you liked it 

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