Baby Payne

This is my first story so be nice to me please.

Hi my name is Lea and I have a baby girl her name is Rachel. Rachel has no father because well her father does not know about Rachel. Her father is Liam Payne yes that's right Liam Payne from One Direction. What happens when One direction goes door to door to sell something? Will Liam find out about his 2 years old daughter? Read the story to find out.


9. a/n

Hey guys yes as my co-auother had said we have been very busy with school but I have not forgotten about this story cause its my number 1 priority right now besides family and school. Christmas break starts in 2 days so hopefully I can update a little more but if I don't then please dont lose hope in us.  Me and my co-author have a really good plot down for the story all we need to do is put it into story form but I want to say that I might do a sequel to this story but I will let you all know when i get to that part. Thanks for sticking around and reading. 


-- Author & Co-author


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