Home is You (One Shot)

Tomorrow your famous boyfriend a.k.a Louis Tomlinson is gonna go for the tour...


1. Home is You

You were at your and your boyfriend’s flat. You were cuddling on a couch with your boyfriend, Louis. You and he were watching a movie, while he stroked your arm. And you sob by his touch, your body was trembling. Louis looked at you, “What happen, babe?” He kissed the top of your head and snaked his arm around your waist. He wiped away the tears on your cheeks with his thumb.

“You’re going on tour tomorrow morning for three months or so. And I won’t see you in that such long time. I can’t stand for that long, Lou.” You said and buried on the crock of his neck, “You won’t be next to me in the morning when I wake up.” He kissed your forehead, and said, “Then I won’t sleep tonight. So we can spend our time a bit longer. What do you want to do tonight, beautiful?” Louis made a cherish voice, and attempted to make you happy, even it was just for a little bit. You sat up and faced him. You shook your head, “I don’t wanna do anything particular special, I just want to talk to you for the rest of the night.” You bit your lower lip, “No. We should go to sleep. You have to leave early tomorrow.” Lou smiled and was showing his mesmerized smile, “It’s ok, babe. If you want it like that, we’ll do it.” You were glad and buried yourself in his chest, and whispered, “I love you Louis Tomlinson” He kissed the top of your head, “I love you too (Y/N)”

The two of you were talking the whole night, you cuddled, watched some movies. Until it was 6 am. You made him some toasts and tea. Then you two went to the airport. He hugged you tightly, “I’ll see you soon, (Y/N)” while all the directioners and the papz were busy taking you and Louis’ pictures. A tear rolled down you cheek. You pulled away. He assured you, “I don’t want to see you cry. I go because I’ll be back for you. And my home is you.” You looked down since you couldn’t say goodbye to him. He tilted your chin and planted a soft and romantic kiss on your lips, “I love you (Y/N)” “I love you too, Lou.”

You hugged him once more and pulled away. He walked into the departure gate section, and turned around. He mouthed ‘I love you’ and waved at you. You waved back at him, shouted, “I love you too.” You were trying to hold back your tears, but you couldn’t as you saw him walked further and headed off the plane.

The End

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