Running Away From The Fear..... Was My Biggest Mistake

Juliet Rome is I'm high school. She is 18 years old. Her mom dies and she has to go live with her aunt Denise wich is really mean to her along with her kids except one Lucy. She is left alone her aunt Denise hates her and DOESINT care what they do. But five special guests come. Does she have a brother or not??
Find out what happenes in Running Away From The Fear.... Was My Biggest Mistake!!!!


2. Chapter 2:

Juliet's POV:

" The results that the doctor gave me is true. They are siblings. " Lucy said freaking out. I turned around to see zayn. He looked shocked then he went outside. I looked at Lucy. How come my parents wouldn't tell me? Mabye they weren't my real parents. The boys followed zayn and then me and Lucy. We found zayn calling someone guessing his mom. He hanged up and looked at me. " you're coming with me " he told me. " no I don't even know you that we'll " I said. " oh I don't care " he said harshly. " dick " I spat and ran to my tiny room and locked the door. 

Lucy POV:

" You are a dick " I spat at zayn like July said. " you know what I'm sorry I just can't believe I have a sister and no one told me can i go and talk to her? " he asked. I nodded. 

Zayn POV:

I knocked on each door until I found Juliet's room. She opened and then she tried to close it but she couldn't because I had my foot in the doorway. I entered her room, she had tear stains. " get out dick head " she screamed. " no " I said. " come one July I'm sorry for bieng a dick to you even though you might be my sister. I love you now because you're my sister please I'm sorry could you forgive? " I asked. She nodded and hugged me. " you want to come and live with me? " I asked. She nodded again. " go pack " I said. " I'm already packed because I barly moved in today." She said. " ok then lets go?" I asked again. " yeah" she said. " how old are you? " I asked. " 18 " she said. " what about you?". " oh I'm 20 " I said. We were now downstairs I walked to my car and put her luggage. " I have money in one of my luggages it was mine and my moms we saved up before she died." She said. " sorry " I said. " it's fine ".

" We'll Juliet I don't think she was youre real mom but she cared for you and my mom said she did have a daughter but someone stole you and they couldn't get you back and I was like 2 at the time so I don't REMEBER anything about you" I said. She nodded. " July you're leaving?" Aske deluxe rushing over here. Se nodded. " Juliet you can not leave " her Unt Denise said.

Juliet POV:

" Yes I can youre not my real aunt I have a mom a real mom so you do not have authority to keep me, I have my brother " I said. I hugged Lucy and rushed over to zayn. His bandmates were in his car. I got in the passenger seat because zayn moved me there. We got to a large house well mansion I should say. Zayn carried my luggage. We got inside and it was buetiful. " mom she is here " zayn yelled. " Juliet, Juliet" i heard a women's voice call. I was soon covered in a hug. " I'm you're real mom " the women said. I started to cry and her also. We talked an stalled and then zayn showed me my room. It was gigantic. " to let you know my bandmates sleep here also" zayn said. " ok " I said. " don't get in love with them I already told them that also I don't want you to get hurt" he said. I nodded. Damn what is it with me and nodding today? He walked out of my room this is going to be strange barley knowing the guy and he is my brother. I love him know. I think. No I do he is my brother since I found out he is my brother I loved him immediatly. I'm the sister of zayn malik. He is famous. Damn Im going to get hate on because, people are going to be saying oh who is this slut and oh this and oh that. I sighed at the thought. I checked the time it was 9:35, then my stomach growled. I'm hungry. I went to look for zayn. I got lost in the house but I'm made my way to the loving room where I found zayn. " zayn I'm hungry " I said. " mom just ordered pizza " he said. " ok can I change and the. Come back?" I asked. " sure and were taking you shopping tommorow" he said. " ok ". I was walking back when I bumped into someone it was Niall. Oh those pretty blue eyes. " sorry " he said. " it it is fine " I stuttered. He smiled. I went back to my room and changed and went back. There were five boys and three girls in the living room. " come here Juliet " zayn said. I walked over to him. " perrie this is my sister Juliet" he said. " hi Juliet " perrie said. " Juliet this is my- " he started to say but I cut him off. " you're girlfriend I know I read the magazines " I said. " ok " he said back

 I got introduced to everyone. I sat down I noticed zayn's tattoos. I made traces on his tattoos with my finger. I looked at perrie she has blonde hair and pinkish hair at the the bottom. She smiled. 

The pizza finally came and we started to eat.  After we are our pizza I layed my head on zayn's shoulder.  I found out that the other two girls were named Katie and mellissa. Mellissa was Louis girlfriend and Katie was Niall girlfriend. I started to close my eyes and soon I let the darkness fall over me.

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