Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


7. What Are You Doing Here

When i woke up Giulianna was sitting next to me on the bed doing something on her phone. She noticed that i woke up and started talking about Niall "So last night when you were off with Harry,  me and Niall exchanged numbers and then.." i interrupted her to tell her that i saw him go into his room with a girl but she didnt care,making excuses for him " He was drunk so i dont mind" i guess i understand what shes saying. She continued ranting about Niall " This morning i woke up with a text from Niall asking if i wanted to meet up for breakfast so of course i said yes, we had such a great time. Niall told me that him and the rest of the boys were having a movie night at Liams house and me and you are both invited!" I figured it would be fun, and would help me forget about the morning i had. I keep thinking about Nick now. Once im around people and having fun, i'll be distracted from Nick which is exactly what i need. "Niall is gonna pick us up soon, so go get dressed!" Giulianna said excitedly. I pulled on black skinny jeans, a flower crop top and some sandals, and then Niall was honking the horn. We jumped into the car and a few minutes later we were in Liams house waiting for the others to arrive.
~Harry's POV~
When i woke up it was already one o'clock and i had a huge hangover. After throwing up a few times, and taking advil, I took a long shower. I started to remember last night. Thoughts of Angela filled my mind, the taste of her lips, the scent of her perfume mixed with alcohol, i wanted her so badly. I got out of the shower and called Liam, i knew i had to talk to him. He always knew what to say. After two rings i heard liams voice mumble "Hello?"  "Liam i need help, theres this girl Angela and i cant stop thinking about her shes the most amazing girl. I need to see her." Liam was silent for a minute until he answered "You seem pretty freaked out about this girl,  we can talk about it later during movie night, get ready and come over"i was thankful for movie night because i need help, i had no idea how to get Angela to be mine i responded to liam "thanks, ill  see you soon" and drove off to Liams house. When i got there Nialls car was already parked in the driveway. I was happy Niall was there maybe he could give me some advice. When i walked through Liams front door i stopped dead in my tracks, Angela was sitting on the couch with Liam, I heard  Niall was in the kitchen with a girl. What was going on?

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