Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


2. Surviving the First Day

I was trying to avoid Harry the best i could but it was quite hard considering I have almost every class with that boy. The day was halfway over and it was finally lunch period. I walked into the ginormous lunchroom and sat down with my best friends Lucy, Adam, and, Giulianna. When i call them my best friends i mean only friends. I didnt have that many friends, but i was happy with what i had. When i sat down all i could hear was Giulianna talking about how Niall Horan sat next to her during third period, shes convinced that he will fall in love with her. After dealing with Harry all day the last thing i wanted to do was talk about his bandmate Niall, or any of his other bandmates. We changed the subject to Adams new girlfriend, it was safe to say that the only one who actually liked her was Adam. Everyone else just pretended to like her. I started to get my mind off of Harry, until him and the rest of his stuck up band walked into the lunchroom and sat at the table across from mine. Lexi, the most popular girl in the school and also the biggest bitch sat right on Harry's lap, for a second i thought i was jealous but i just pushed the feeling off. He is such a player, a different girl every week. Giulianna started gushing over Niall again, this time so loudly that it was impossible for him to miss a word she said about him. I glanced over to Niall and he was staring at her i couldn't tell if it was because she was rambling on and on about him or for some other reason, either way it made me uncomfortable. Harry and Lexi were making out with each other for about ten minutes straight before i stormed out of the lunchroom. I dont know why it made me angry to see them together like that but it did, it made me furious. I went to my next class a few minutes early to make sure i got a good seat in the back. I was thankful that Harry wasn't in this class, i needed a break from that boy. When the last bell of the day rang i walked out of the school, exhausted i just wanted to go home. Although it was the first day of school  i had so much homework to do,  all i felt like doing was sleeping. Once i got home i changed into my gymnastic uniform and left the house again, leaving my homework for later.
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