Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


6. Nick

When i woke up the next morning i was in Giuliannas bed. On the nightstand next to the bed was a glass of water and advil. This is why i love this girl. There was a note on the nightstand that read " I know your hungover I promise i'll take care of you later, but im at breakfast with Niall, i'll explain when i get back. See ya soon babe love, Giulianna xx" I started to feel the pounding headache and wasted no time swallowing the advil. Memories from the party last night flooded my memory, tears filled my eyes. I quickly called Adam and asked him to come to Giuliannas. Fifteen minutes after i called Adam the doorbell rang, i ran to answer it. As soon as i saw him, I threw myself into his arms and started crying. Adam didnt know why i was crying but when i explained the events of last night he understood. I didnt want to get close to anyone anymore, i threw myself into school, work, and gymnastics because i didnt want this to happen. I dont want to love, i dont want to have feelings for a guy because im too scared. As dumb as it may sound, im terrified to love.
I was the happiest girl in the world. My boyfriends name is Nick. I love Nick but he doesnt love me. Nick says he loves me but he doesnt act like it when were alone. When me and Nick are out in public he is the sweetest guy there is and thats when i love him. When we were alone though, Nick would get mad. Nick used to hit me, kick me, bruise me. Nick abused me in every way possible. Emotionally, physically, mentally. I never told anyone about Nick abusing me because i always thought it was my fault for making him angry. Normally if someone was in a situation like this they would tell their parents but my mom died when i was young and my dad ran off a few years ago, i was living with my sister but the day i turned eighteen i bought my apartment and lived on my own, so basically i had no one to tell.One day me and Nick went to a party together and he disappeared so i started talking to other people and i was talking to my friend Jonathan when Nick grabbed me by the arm and dragged my outside. Nick pulled me to the side of the house and beat me. Nick never hurt me so badly. Adam was on his way into the house and he saw what was happening, he called 911 and Nick was arrested. I haven't been in a relationship since Nick, I haven't loved anyone since Nick.
~end of flashback~
Nobody understands what happened between me and Nick better then Adam does, thats why i called him. Harry is the first boy i've had feelings for since Nick, and honestly that scared the hell out of me. I know that not every guy is like Nick but i guess im just afraid to love again. Adam held me and whispered  " Please dont let Nick ruin this for you. You finally have feelings for another guy, get to know Harry can you do that for me? please dont let Nick ruin it for you." 
~Adams POV~
Even though it upset Angela to have feelings for Harry, i couldnt be happier. Maybe this meant she was ready to move on. Harry seemed like a nice guy to me. Angela says he's not but she says that about every boy, just because she doesnt want to admit that there are nice guys out there. I held her as she cried. We sat on the floor,her in my arms until she slowly cried herself to sleep. I carried her upstairs and laid her down on the bed and left. I assumed Giulianna would be getting home soon. Giulianna could take care of Angela when she wakes up, but for now she was peacefully asleep.

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