Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


8. Movie Night

Harry walked into Liam's house with a confused look on his face, he stood in the doorway. Waiting for an explanation. Liam introduced me to Harry, but Harry kept the same expression plastered to his face. Liam put his arm around me and Harry stormed off into the kitchen.  ~Niall's POV~ Harry walked into the kitchen with anger burning in his eyes. He stood in the doorway staring blankly at me and Giulianna for a few minutes before I decided to break the silence I looked at Harry " This is Giulianna, I met her at the party last night. I invited her and her friend Angela to movie night." The confusion on Harry's face disappeared. Liam's front door opened and my thoughts were interrupted by the noises coming from the living room. Harry left the kitchen and joined Liam, Angela, and the other guys.  ~Harry's POV~  I understood why Angela was here now, Niall invited her but I didn't know why she was sitting with Liam. He had his arm around her and she was curled into his side. As soon I saw them I cringed, jealousy pulsing through me. Angela connected her gaze to mine and quickly looked away. She shifted uncomfortably in Liam's hold before leaving into the kitchen. I shot Liam a death glare before my anger took over "Angela is mine, she's the girl that I was with last night in Niall's room!" I spat those words at Liam and guilt was soon displayed over his face. Before he could reply to my outburst Angela walked back into the room with Giulianna and Niall trailing behind her. Giulianna plopped on the floor, Angela falling on top of her and resting her head on Giuliannas lap, looking comfortable as ever.
~Angela's POV~
I went into the kitchen to find Giulianna, but also to get away from Liam. Sure Liam was a nice guy but the way he had his arm around me, the flirting, it all made me feel a bit uncomfortable. The fact that Harry was watching Liam do all of this didnt make me feel better either. I didnt like Liam like he liked me. When i walked back into the living room i could instantly feel tension. As if someone was about to tell a deathly secret and  I just interrupted. I sat on the floor, mainly so i didnt have to deal with Liam again. I was mindlessly staring at my phone, i felt Harry's eyes on me again. I wondered if he remembered last night. I was sorting through my thoughts, I had so much on my mind, Harry, Nick, Liam, my first day of work tomorrow. All of that added up to a very stressed out girl. I knew that not every guy was like Nick but I was just afraid that it would happen again. I defiantly had some feelings for Harry, I didnt want them though. Harry was in a world famous boyband, he would never go for a girl like me. It was obvious that Liam had feelings for me, I wish i felt the same way about him but i just dont. Liam is such a sweet guy, Harry is such a jerk. I was pulled away from my thoughts when Louis jumped off of the couch and tackled Niall on his way the tv. He put a dvd in the player without telling any of us what we were watching. Zayn turned the lights off so the only light source was the glowing letters on the tv that read "The Conjuring". Giulianna bounced onto Niall's lap, I wasn't going to watch this movie sitting by myself and the only space available was right next to Harry. I jumped off the floor and ran into the kitchen and grabbed some popcorn before hopping onto the seat next to Harry. 
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