Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


5. Intoxicated Love

I glanced over to the dance floor and i saw Lexi grinding on Harry. Anger and jealousy exploded in me. After a few more drinks i felt the alcohol in my pulse, the sting of alcohol burning inside my throat. I made my way over to Harry who was just as drunk as i was and i pushed him a little, he looked at me with surprise. I gave Lexi a death glare and she backed away from Harry.  I just stared at Harry until  he walked up to me, he was inches  from my face his green eyes staring into my blue ones, i could feel the alcohol on his breathe. 
~Harry's POV~
I saw Angela dancing with Zayn and i felt pure jealousy. I wished it was me gripping her hips, breathing on her neck, as she danced along to the music. I reacted quickly to the jealousy and did the only thing i could think of. I took a drink, and grabbed Lexi. I needed to take out my anger and i planned on using Lexi to do that. It was working just fine until Angela shoved me back and stared Lexi down. I looked her up and down before walking up to her. I was inches from her face, i was surprised that she didn't push me again. We were both staring into each other, i couldn't resist her anymore. I crashed my lips onto hers, she was surprised at first but quickly kissed back. I pulled away from the kiss and led her up to Nialls room. As soon as the door was shut i slammed her against the wall.
~Angela's POV~
Harry pushed me against the wall and immediately connected our lips again. My fingers were tangled in his curls and his hands were traveling and exploring my body. He licked my bottom lip, and i separated my lips allowing his tongue into my mouth. His tongue explored every corner of mouth, and i did the same to him. Things got heated fast and i was in only my bra and panties, Harry was on top of me in his boxers. We continued making out until we heard a knock on the door. We both shot up and threw our clothes back on before opening the door to a very drunk Niall holding some random girls hand. I exited the room wondering where Giulianna was.  Harry walked up behind me and held his hand out "you left you're bag in Niall's room babe" i grabbed my bag from Harry's hand, slurred a thank you and kissed him quickly. I walked downstairs and looked around for Giulianna, she was nowhere in sight. I sat on the couch and checked my phone for the first time since i got to Niall's house. Twenty missed calls and ten text messages from Giulianna. I made my way outside and saw Giulianna sitting in the car, i was in trouble. I sat in the passengers seat and waited for a lecture about how i shouldn't have left without telling her where i was going and blah blah blah. I guess Giulianna could tell that i was way to drunk to even understand what she was gonna say, so instead of wasting both of our time she glared at me before driving back to her house, where i would stay for the night. 

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