Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


23. Happy Anniversary

I walked back into the hospital and made my way to Harry's room. When he walked in he showed me stuff about us from twitter, he was really excited that his fans liked me. I was happy to, but for some reason I was thinking about Nick. When I was on my way home before I was stopped at a red light, I was looking out the window and I saw a man grab this girl, im assuming it was his girlfriend. He threw he against the brick wall and kissed down her neck, obviously not caring who saw. A tear streamed down the girls face. A tear also streamed down my face, I wish I could've helped but I was scared. Seeing it brought back a memory that ive tried so hard to forget.
Tonight was me and Nick's 2 year anniversary, we went out to the busiest and fanciest restaurant in town. I had on a tight black dress.
Nick and I sat down at our table. My phone started to ring I shoved it in my bag as quick as I could. "I'll be right back, im gonna run to the bathroom." I stood up and began walking. I felt Nick smack my ass when I passed him. That was Nicks favorite thing to do. No not smack my ass but embarrass me, making everyone know not to go near me because I belonged to him. I hated when he did this sort of thing, especially in a place like this. I turned around and glared at him, I had tears stinging in my eyes from anger and embarrassment. Nick stood up and walked towards me "Don't look at me like that, i'll fucking kick your ass if you do that again. We're going home. Get in the fucking car. Right Now" Nick stared at me with a tight jaw and his eyes burning through me. I felt like a child as I walked past him. The car ride home was silent. When we got back to Nick's house I stepped out of the car and walked to the front door. Nick pushed my back and I slammed into the door. He grabbed my arm and spun me around so I was facing him, then his fist connected with my cheek. Nick beat me, right outside for anyone to see. Luckily for him no one saw. I sank to the ground, tears and blood rushing down my face. Nick opened the door and pulled me inside, he carried me up to his bedroom and locked the door behind him. I was absolutely terrified. Me and Nick have done sexual kind of stuff together but we've never had actual sex. I was a virgin, he didn't know it though. Nick ripped off my clothes and pushed me onto the bed. I tried my hardest to move away from him, not wanting to lose my virginity like this with blood and tears dripping down my face. Nick held down my hips enabling me to move and he slammed himself into me. Pain surged through my entire body, tears were pouring from my eyes. He didn't stop moving himself in and out of me, even though I was desperately trying to move away from him. Nick eventually stopped, collapsing next to me. I didn't dare move. I wasn't going to risk another beating. I cried myself to sleep that night, the next morning Nick told me "If you tell anyone about last night, i'll do it again. And it'll be worse the second time." then he winked and left the room. I had to pretend to be fine.
*End of Flashback*
The only person who knows about me and Nick's two year anniversary is Adam. I didn't want to tell Harry.
I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard Harry's voice. "Babe whats wrong, why are you crying?" I didn't even realize I was crying until he said that "Nothing Harry im fine. Lets go to sleep, we get to go home tomorrow babe!" I said excitedly trying to make him forget I was crying a second ago. He looked at me cautiously "okay. goodnight baby. I love you." I was thankful that he moved on "goodnight, love you to babe."
I shut off the light and laid next to Harry in his hospital bed, which the nurses told me not to do numerous times. I didn't care though, I did it anyways. I tried to fall into my dreams and forget about my flashback.

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