Afraid to Love

Angela Colonna seems to be the perfect girl, but she has a not so perfect backround. Angela doesnt think she can ever love again then Harry Styles comes along


15. Giulianna and Smang

After my long shift was over I started my walk home. All I could think about was Harry. For a second i thought about love. I couldnt be in love. I thought i would never feel love again, but then Harry came along. My whole outlook on love is slowly changing. I can finally feel myself starting to love again. Harry is teaching me how to love. The fear I have of loving someone is starting to dissolve. By the time I stopped thinking about Harry i was home. I took  a shower quickly, then i decided to call Giulianna. After two rings she answered the phone.
Giulianna: Hello?
her voice was raspy and sleepy
Me: Hey were you sleeping?
Giulianna: Yeah but its fine, whats up?
I laughed because it was only nine o'clock
Me: I think im in love with Harry
there was silence on the other end of the phone for a minute 
Giulianna: I cant believe you just said that
Me: Yeah yeah i know. i just had to tell someone but im gonna go to bed now.
Giulianna: Well im not the person you should be telling
Me: why, your my best friend arent you
Giulianna: Of  course im your best friend but you should be telling Harry
Me: okay maybe, im going to bed. Night.
Giulianna: Goodnight Smang.
 I hung up the phone laughing at what Giulianna called me. Smang. I was given that nickname by Giuliannas mom when we were in ninth grade. Only Giulianna and her mom call me Smang. I sat  in my bed remembering the memories i have with Giulianna. I started crying, thinking about how fast we've grown up. Giulianna never had a boyfriend and now shes dating Niall. I pulled out my scrapbook. We both made scrapbooks together a few years ago, we each have one. Every time i miss her or times like this when i just think about our friendship i take out my scrapbook and flip through the memories. I still couldnt believe she was dating Niall. I always told her that one day, you'll find a boy who will love you and treat you right, and i was so happy that that day has come.

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