BOOK TWO of The Connection Series.

"I Found Her"

You all know the story of Viall (Victoria and Niall) and Carry (Courtney and Harry), But what about Courtneys, odd friend. Welcome to the story of Sayn.


2. I'm Found?


Wow. Chapter 1 of our new story. I know exactly how im gonna start too!


-Sams POV-


It had been years since I'd seen Courtney. I don't remember when I got to London, its kinda fuzzy. I'd been with Kyle forever, and he's still abusive. Kyle kept me up to date, and apparently, Courtney was dating someone named Harry. I'd never seen a picture of this Harry guy before. She lived here in London too. I'd have to go and visit her one day.
"Kyle, May I please go for a walk?" I asked quietly, walking over to him holding a beer, and handing it to his awaiting hand. He looked me in the eyes, and scanned over me.

"Fine. I expect you to come home in a few hours alright?" He answered looking angry and intimidating.

"Thank You!" I smiled. I would kiss his cheek, but I'm not allowed to unless I ask. I wasn't in the mood to ask that anyway. I walked over to the front door and slipped on some shoes quickly, he could always change his mind. This time, He didn't. I opened the door and ran outside. I haven't left that house in 30 days. It felt good to venture around London.


"Oh I'm sorry!" I apologized as I bumped into a tall man. He looked smiled, still looking at his feet and smiled.

"It's fine." He replied, looking up at me and he froze. I got to look at him better. He was tan, with hazel eyes, and black hair with a tiny little blonde. Something about him made me happy, but why would I be happy about a stranger? "Samantha?" He asked sounding shocked. I was taken aback slightly. How did he know my name? The only person I knew in London, was Courtney, and I doubt she even knew I was in London.

"Um, How do you know my name?" I squeaked.

"You don't remember me? I'm Zayn? Zayn Malik?" The name, was familiar, I just... Don't know him.

"Sam, I told you not to talk to strangers!" Kyle hissed grasping my arm tightly, making me wince. The thought of him following me made me shiver, he didn't trust me enough, so he followed me. I know what happened when I talked to strangers. Lots of pain, that's for sure.

"You have no right to talk to her like that." Zayn snapped back grasping my other arm lightly. Zayns hands were soft. I liked his hands so much better then Kyles hands. I felt a sharp pain erupt in my side. I looked down, and saw him jab me with a small needle, twice. The needle stung, as if it was dosed in Lemon Juice.

Zayn noticed and somehow, pulled me from Kyle into his own arms, wrapping them around me and keeping me secure. I felt safe, and I dont know why, I just did, and it felt so familiar.

"Let go of my girl Malik." Kyle hissed, venom lacing in his voice.

"You have no right to treat her like that." Zayn shot back defending me.

*Flash Forward*

And somehow, He'd brought me back here, away from Kyle. He dashed into a flat and said something along the lines of 'I found her' and the next thing I knew, 5 unknown faces were before me, and Courtney's. Apparently I had all met them before, but I'm not really sure. Zayn and this girl named Victoria were most upset that I forgot them. Courtney reassured me it was fine and I was having memory loss, but I don't know. Could she be lying to me? God I'm so confused.

"Sam? Do you think we could talk?" Courtney whispered knocking on her bedroom door. I nodded solemnly as she entered her bedroom.

"So... How'd you meet Harry." I asked curiously. After all, I didn't know this boy.

"Sam, you've met them all..." Courtney replied uneasily.

"No, I haven't." I replied, completely sure of myself.

"Whatever you say..." She sighed, giving up on the topic of my memory. "So, I met him at the airport, I dropped that shirt you made me, he returned it to me, and then took me on a date, and we've been dating for a year, 2 years in a few days." She summarized. I smiled at the thought that my best friend was growing up.

"And, This Zayn guy, how does he know me?" I asked shyly. Courtney looked down at her socks, avoiding my eye contact. When did she wear socks?

"That's the thing Sam, you and Zayn were inseparable when you first came to London. He took you on a few dates, but never actually asked you to be his girlfriend... When you... Disappeared, he convinced the management not to get him a whore girlfriend, or a girlfriend at all, and lashed out at a detective when they said you ran away-"

"Courtney, I've never met these people in my life. Whats next? Mitch, Quintin, and Jerome have met him?" I laughed, thinking of the Irony.

"Actually, they came down here about half a year ago to help look for you... So yes. They did meet Zayn." She answered with a sly look on her face. I flopped on my back, looking up at the ceiling.

"It cant be true." I mumbled.

"You can sleep here. Harry and I will sleep on the floor." She whispered standing up.

"Courtney, I couldn't ask for that." I muttered.

"No Sam, Its fine." She smiled meekly before leaving the room. This was so much information for me to handle, I don't even know if I could compute it all.

I stood up and took a look at myself in the mirror. My long dark brown hair, ended at above my elbows, in desperate need for a trim. My hazel eyes still had some glimmer left in them, and my slightly pale complexion stood out. I was still skinny, before, I said it was because I did so many sports, but now, Its because I hardly ate. I shook my head and laid back down on the bed.

Why is life so confusing. Why cant I have just a normal life. Is that to much to ask?!

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