This girl named Cathren gets kidnapped at school. latter in the story she fids out she has meet the kidnapper an his name was Kenneth, before long she falls in love with him and the have a lot of fun together


3. The kidnap


The boy looks back at cathren, they both stand their, just staring. Mr. Egghead was moving closer to cathren, trying to grab her and pull her back, The boy realizes what the teacher was trying to do. The boy grabs cathrens hand, spins her around and holds the knife to cathrens neck.

                      " one more step and she dies," he said, giving the teacher a death stair. The boy reaches in his back pocket and pulls out a rope. He ties it tightly around cathrens hands and begins to back up. Having a tight grip on cathrens arm, he shoves her thought the broken window. The boy heads toward the parking lot pulling cathren close behind him.

                      "Let me go!" cathren yelled, trying to loosen the boys grip from her arm.

"Please, let me go" Cathrens face bright red, her eyes filled with water. She jerks her arm from the boy hand, she has a red mark.

                      "Come  with me, you'll be safe"  the boy says, holding  his hand out forgetting he tied  them behind her. He stared at Cathren, waiting for an answer. Cahtren stood their with her mouth open a little shaking her head.

                      "NO, do you thing I'm crazy, let me go" Cathren said in tears trying to back up. Cathren states to run put was pick up by the boy and thrown of his shoulder. Cathren begins to scream and kick hoping she could loosen the boys grip, but it doesn't work. Cathren gives up, she stops kicking and screaming. She knows its to late, their was nothing she could do. Cathren doesn't know where's she going or what's going to happen to her. Cathren begins to get dizzier and dizzier, then she blacks out.......


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