This girl named Cathren gets kidnapped at school. latter in the story she fids out she has meet the kidnapper an his name was Kenneth, before long she falls in love with him and the have a lot of fun together


8. the beach

                Cathren woke up to the sun shinning in her eyes through the blinds. She hears people laughing outside, Where are we, Cathren thinks in her head. She sits up to look around, everything looks normal. Something felt different to Cathren, she was happy, which was unseal for her. Cathren looks back and quickly realizes the bedroom door is open. Cathren gets up and walks over to the bedroom door, she walks in looking to see if anyone was in their. Cathren walks to the front of the R.V., no one was their. She sits on the couch and thinks know ones here, where's Kenneth.

          Cathren walks to the door, she was just about to open the door when Cathren jumps as Kenneth opens the door.

        "hey your up, got you some breakfast" Kenneth holding a bag. Cathren smiles and goes to sit at the table. Kenneth brings over the bag and it has French toast, hash browns and juice.

         "thanks, were are we? I here'd people laughing outside." Cathren said.

           "you'll see, its a surprise" Kenneth says smiling. After their done eating Kenneth say's, "so are you ready for your surprise". He grabs Cathren hand and leads her to the door.

            "I don't like surprises" Cathren said

             " you'll like this one, Close your eyes" Kenneth replied as he puts his hands over Cathren's  eyes. Kenneth opens the door and leads her down the steps slowly. Cathren ranches the bottom step, she could feel sand on her feet.

         "where are we?" Cathren says

            "you ready" Kenneth said removing his hands from cathrns eyes . Cathren looks

         "the Beach!!!" Cathren says smiling.

         "I new you would like it," Kenneth said holding Cathren's  hand. Cathren had a big smile on her face as she listens to the sound of the water.

          " I cant believe you did this" Cathren looking at Kenneth,

            " I did this for you, come on , lets go." Kenneth replied. Cathren and Kenneth start walking along the beach picking up shells and poking at jelly fish that wash up to shore. " so you like your surprise,"  Kenneth ask Cathren.

          "like it, I  love it" Cathren replied  hugging Kenneth's neck. the hug lasted a minute your two, Cathren and Kenneth were both smiling. to the right of Kenneth their was a volleyball game.

            "Hey you, wanna come play?" a girl named Taylor ran over to ask. Taylor hand light brown wave hair and dark green eyes. She hooks on to Cathren's and Kenneth's  arms and pulls them into the game. They all played for a little, Kenneth, Cathren, and Taylor went to the sun shack to get hot dogs. when they got their dogs they took a walk along the beach.

           "I'll catch up with you later, I've got to get something," Kenneth said heading back to the sunny shack. Cathren and Taylor both said ok and keep walking. the more they walked the more they talked and the more they got to know each other. They talk and carried on a conversation like they were best friends.

       "so...........Kenneth, he's cut," Taylor said

       "yea, I mean, I guess," Cathren replied back almost scared to answer. Cathren didn't know whether or not she like Kenneth or not, it was so confusing.

       "so, are you two..... you know, dating," Taylor said slowly smiling. Shaking her head back and forth Cathren quickly replied,

        "what, no, well.....NO" Taylor's smile went away .

        "so theirs a party on the beach tonight, do you and Kenneth wanna come," Taylor asks kicking a rock out of her way. Cathren knotted  her head yes.

     " but I don't have a swimming suite" Cathren said putting her head down.

        "don't worry about it" Taylor said smiling. Cathren looks at Taylor funny for a second or two, she laughs and pulls Cathren toward a house. the house was painted tan, with a painting of a sunset on the left side, the yard was filled with shells, and starfish were hanging by the door. The in side of the house had different colored walls, beautiful hand made things hung everywhere on the walls. The house was bright and colorful and filled with life, just like Taylor was.

         "is this your house, it amazing" Cathren said looking around, admiring all the wonderful colors and objects she was resounded by.

       "thanks," Taylor said  coming out of a room with a swimsuit in her hand. "here, this should fit you," she said as she hands her a bright white bikini with little gold hearts and it fit perfectly. "shall we go to a party," Taylor said opening the door.

         "we shall," Cathren replied as she laughs.

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