This girl named Cathren gets kidnapped at school. latter in the story she fids out she has meet the kidnapper an his name was Kenneth, before long she falls in love with him and the have a lot of fun together


12. on the move

                     it was two months later, Kenneth and Cathren were in California.  The sun was going down so Kenneth decided to park for the night.

             "Kenneth" Cathren tried really hard  to say

               "yeah" Kenneth said holding her hand.

                " I was wondering if i could, c...... forget it its dum" Cathren said standing up and crossing her arms. Kenneth stood up.

              "please, tell me," he said leading her back to a seat.

            "well, its been two months now, so i was hoping..... i could, maybe, call my mom, you know, tell her i am  OK"Cathren said afraid of the answer she was about to get. Kenneth stood up, he had a horrible  look on his face.

               "why.....why would you want to call home?" he said rising his voice a little.

             "to tell her im OK, she  thinks im dead" Cathren said standing up moving closer the Kenneth. "please. one phone call, that all im asking for" Kenneth wanted to say no, but he could see the water filling up Cathren's eyes. Kenneth puts his left hand in his pocket and pulled out two plane tickets.  Cathren stands their for a few seconds then grabs the ticked out of his hand. 

               "Hawaii" Cathren said looking at the plane tickets, she takes a deep breath and says,"Ok"

                "good, we leaf tomorrow" Kenneth said handing Cathren his phone. She takes the phone and heads the the bedroom. Cathren shut the door as shes looking at him, amazed hes letting her call. Cathren sits on the bed, she hits numbers really slow. Cathren takes a deep breath, then hits call. she holds the phone up to her ear listening  to it ring. Cathren was scared, scared her mom wont answer, scared someone would answer. she though of hanging up. but then someone pick up the phone and said,

              "Hello" it was Cathrens mom, Cathren started to cry.

                "Mom" Cathren said,"mom, its me Cathren".

                "Cathren" her mom said in shock," where are you, are you OK, what happen" Cathrens mom said in tears.

                "Im OK, calm down,pleases" Cathren replayed.

                "come home. please Cathren" her mom said.

                "I cant right now, but all be home soon, i promise" Cathren whispered hoping Kenneth wouldn't hear her. Cathren heard footsteps. " i have to go.....i love you" Cathren  said really fast.

                " no wait, please Cathr"her mom was cut off as Cathren hung up the phone.  Cathren sits their for a second or two, staring at the phone, wanting to call her mom back.  Kenneth opens the door

                     "you ok" he says walking over to her sitting by on the bed next to her.

                    :yea im fine" Cathren tells him. Kenneth puts his hand on her cheek and brushes her hair out of her eyes. Then very gently he plants a kiss on her cheek.  then one on the nose. then one on the lips for a few seconds. 

    we decide to get some sleep for the big day tomorrow. 


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