This girl named Cathren gets kidnapped at school. latter in the story she fids out she has meet the kidnapper an his name was Kenneth, before long she falls in love with him and the have a lot of fun together


11. LOVE<3

              Early the next Moring Cathren woke up, before she gets up she feels something on her waste, it was Kenneth's hand, she looks back and smiles. Cathren stands up to stretch, she stares at him smiling . Cathren bends down and kisses Kenneth's check, then, walk off...

            Cathren stars to walk she walk she walks until she sees Taylor's house. she headed in that direction hoping she was home. Cathren get to the door and ears music playing, Cathren knew Taylor was home. right before she knocks on the door Taylor opens the door.

            "hey" Taylor says smiling, " come on in." Cathren smiles and walks in to her house. " you want some coffee?" Taylor pored  Cathren and her hot cups of coffee. Back at the beach Kenneth's begins to slowly  wake up. after stretching out  Kenneth looks around  and quickly realizes Cathren's  not there. Kenneth jumps to his feet and starts panicking, he thought she ran off. he falls to the ground in shock that she left him, but he soon see's foot prints in the sand. Kenneth stood up looking at the foot prints. he begins to follow them. he follows them until they stop at a house. Kenneth hears music, he walks up to the door. Cathren who left out the back door was heading back to the RV. Kenneth knock on the door, Taylor answers

        "hey," Taylor said

         "is Cathren  here," Kenneth ask with a worried look on his face.

         "No, sorry" Taylor said shutting the door. Kenneth was worried, worried she ran off. He thought maybe she's going to the cops. Kenneth's eyes get big and he starts running, Kenneth runs to the RV. He looks around, Kenneth didn't see Cathren anywhere. Kenneth grabs the keys and stars the RV. he was in sock, Kenneth couldn't believe Cathren would just run off like that, out of nowhere and leave him. Kenneth begins to pull out on to the highway when,

         "hey, your up, morning," Kenneth hears a voice behind him as her jumps in fear. "relax, its just me" Cathren said placing he her hand on his shoulder. Kenneth was happy to see Cathren.

        "I thought you ran off," Kenneth said taking a deep breath pulling Cathren in for a hug. as he squeezed  her tight he was so glad that she was here.

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