This girl named Cathren gets kidnapped at school. latter in the story she fids out she has meet the kidnapper an his name was Kenneth, before long she falls in love with him and the have a lot of fun together


5. Him



                              The boy, he had Black hair flipped to one side, bright blue eyes, and tan skin.

                              "Were are we", Cathren said moving one step closer to the boy. " Who are you," Cathrens voice was shaky. she stared at him waiting for an answer. The boy pulled over to the side of the road and put the R.V in park. He walks over to Cathren.

                               " Kenneth, your name is?" he said staring into her eyes.

                                 "Cathren,....... why am I here, what do you want form me." Cathren said baking up. they both stand their, Cathren with a mad stair waiting for Kenneth to answer.

                                " are you hunger, do you want something to eat?" Kenneth said taking a step closer to Cathren pointing at the cadets.

                              " you didn't answer my question!!!" Cathren yelled, "why am I here?" Kenneth backs up, looking confused. He looks around were the cabinets were. He squeezes past Cathren and makes his way to the cabinets.  Kenneth  stairs at Cathern for a second or two, then opens the cadets. He stairs going through the food. Cathren can here cans rolling in the cadets. Kenneth returns with a can of fruit. He sets it on the table and says

                          "if you promise not to freak out, ill untie you. But you have to promise."

                         "I don't even know you but fine I promise I wound freak out." Says Cathren. Kenneth slowly unwraps the rope from Cathrens hands as soon as he's done Cathren backs away. Kenneth looked surprised." I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." he says. Kenneth moves towards her and this time she doesn't back up. Kenneth reaches for a spoon and opens the can of fruit with a knife.

                      Cathren takes the fruit and Kenneth takes her hand and leads her to the front seat. He notices her confused look and asks

                     " what's wrong?"

                      "kidnappers aren't usually this nice. I thought you were going to torture me or something like that." Cathren say

                   "I'm not going to torture you. why would I do that?" Kenneth asks.

                   "to get ransom or something like that. to use me to get money or something. If your not going to do that then why am i hear?" ask Cathren

               " was my mothers birthday and i wanted to get her the necklace she has always wanted but the only thing stopping me was the fact that the necklace was three thundered dollars" says Kenneth, " i haven't done anything nice  for my mother sens our dad left us two years ago, and she as been really depressed , so that's why i wanted to get her the necklace"Kenneth said sitting down. "i tried to tell the man at the store i would pay the rest later, but the man behind the counter wouldn't listen to me. He told me to pay or he would call the cops and he walks off. I didn't know what to do, i didn't want to see my mom depressed another birthday, so i did what i had to do" Kenneth puts his head down in shame, he didn't say anything for a few seconds.

                "you stole the necklace" Cathren said putting the spoon the the can of fruit. Kenneth still had his head down when he nodded.

             "what happened after that?" Cathren said tilting her head to one side.

             " well, i put the necklace in my pocket and put the thundered on the counter before i walked off. Before I got to the door the man screamed, stop thief, I ran as fast as I could, I thought about stopping, giving the necklace back, but I didn't. five minutes of running I thought it would be safe but that's when the cops showed up. I keep running and running, almost ready to give up. I stop to take a breath, but that's when one of the cops comes up behind me and grabs me. I look to the right and theirs a gun in the cops holster, so I grab it. I point the gun at him and the cop pulls out a knife. I yelled, "put the knife down" as soon as he did I grabbed the knife and star to run. Iv got three cops after me. I look to the left and theirs the school. so that's what happen" Kenneth said ending the story. they both just sit their for a few seconds. Cathren wanted to say something, but doesn't. they just sit in silent. Kenneth turns to start the R.V  and they begin to drive.

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