This girl named Cathren gets kidnapped at school. latter in the story she fids out she has meet the kidnapper an his name was Kenneth, before long she falls in love with him and the have a lot of fun together


13. before Hawaii


            Cathren wakes up to the sound of some one screaming. she sits up and brings her knees to her chest. she looks at  Kenneth who was still sound asleep. Cathren thought of waking him up, but she didn't. Cathren was just about to lay back down  when.... 

               Cathren was started by the sound of a gun shot shot.  she jumps out for bed and back up to the wall. she stands their for a moment before waking up Kenneth.

             "Kenneth,Kenneth wake up i heard something" Cathren said shaking Kenneth. Kenneth wakes up and replays.

              "What, what's wrong" as he sits up and crabs Cathren and raps her in his arms.

                  "i..i, i heard someone screaming, then a gun shot, it sounded really close" Cathren said almost in tears, barring her head in Kenneth's chest.

                 " hey, come down, it fine" Kenneth said brushing cathren's hair back behind her ears, and wiping the tears from her cheek's. " all go check it out" Kenneth said again as he opened the bedroom door. Cathren quickly followed closely behind him, keeping one hand on his shoulder.  "stay hear" he says garbing the gun from the dashboard of the front of the 
R.V. and walking out side. Cathren watch from the window , she was so scared she didn't move.

After a few minuets of Kenneth being gone, Cathren finally decides to go out side. right before she was about to open the door Kenneth opens it and walk's in. Cathren jumps.

               "are you ok"Cathren ask Kenneth 

                "ya, nothing out there" Kenneth said putting the gun back on the dash. " i think you may have been imagining things, or dreaming even. its going to be okay." he said  looking at the tears  running down her soft cheek. as he wipes her tear's he pulls her into a big hug.

              "i want to get out of here" Cathren says laying her head on his chest, listening to the sound of his heart.

           "OK" Kenneth says and lets her go. he leads her the the passenger seat and he sits in the drivers seat beside her. Kenneth starts the engine and they head for the airport.

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