This girl named Cathren gets kidnapped at school. latter in the story she fids out she has meet the kidnapper an his name was Kenneth, before long she falls in love with him and the have a lot of fun together


14. Airport


                 Kenneth and Cathren make it to the airport, they park and start to get ready. Cathren was making her way to the front the get her drink from the other night, but she stops. she sees the door has no lock on it, Cathren dose not think anything about it until she see's the lock on the dash, nest to the gun. she starts thinking about how dum it was to try to run off,Cathren realized she was happy here, with him. Kenneth comes up behind her and grabs her waist. " it every thing okay sweet hart," he said smiling trying to sound funny. 

            " Perfect, just perfect"Cathren  says turning towards him, throwing her arms around him neck as she give him a kiss. once the kiss broke Kenneth handed Cathren her plain ticket to Hawaii. Cathren was looking at the ticket when Kenneth walks over to the table and puts a little black box in his pocket. " what that" Cathren ask walking over to him.

           "nothing"  he replies, Cathren gives him a look, staring deep into his eyes "Cathren, it nothing just relax" Kenneth says grabbing her hand, as he kisses her on the cheek. Kenneth grabs their bags from the bedroom and they walk out side. 




          hope you like my story, pleases comment, thinking about  making a second book to this one , tell me you opinion, love you all



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