All My Heart.

She loves him.He loves her. but there from two different sides. how will they be together, in his world its illegal and in hers it is too. read to find out how Danni and Reuben will fight to be together...


1. Chapter 1; meeting him

Danni's ​P.O.V 

they always pick on him. it not his fault hes half demon half angel. one eye is bright  blue and one eye is black. He has long jet black hair. he always wear black. everyone else wears white. why.? because this is an angel school. i'm danni, and the kid im talking about, his name is rueben. rueben betray his kind. he was a demon. till he did something good. now his in angel school. you see angels have bright blue eyes and demons have just black eyes. i had long blond hair with bright blue eyes. my eyes are brighter then everyone's. rueben had one black and and a bright bright blue eye. i have angel wings...he has demon wings. "hey danni wanna so down to party wit demon.?" asked my so called "best" friend, her name was Eleanor. "umm,i cant my mum grounded me." i said telling her a lie. i have to do work to earn some money to go shopping. school was almost out and someone pushed rueben. im getting so tired of this. Zac pushed him. "ZAC, STOP BEING SO MEAN TO REUBEN.!" i yelled to him. zac had blond hair with dark blue eyes. meaning he's close to becoming a demon.! "awwe looks who's trying to stick up for the demon" he said "well no shit im an angel unlike you.! if you were an angel you wouldn't pick on people, and you know what in a week you WILL become a demon, have you seen your eyes.? THERE DARK BLUE.! i spat out to him and walked away. i was walking back to my house when someone taped me on the shoulder. it was rueben. "thank you for sticking up for means a lot." he said "your welcome. would you like to walk with me.?" i asked him "um sure. i live next door to you." he said "cool would you like to hang out sometime later.? i asked him "um sure, i don't see why not." he said "great,ill give you my number and you can text me when ever." i said. i got a pen out and grabbed his hand i didn't have any paper so i wrote it on his arm. ill see you later." i said walking up to my house "bye" he said flashing  me a pearly white smile.i watched him go in his house and i ran to my room. i looked out my window and i was him in his bedroom. he sat down his stuff and changed shirts. wow, he has abs...wait no stop being a stalker. i looked one  more time had he had a garter in his hand. his window looked like it was opened so i opened mine a little to hear him play. he was amazing and than he stopped i look up and saw him stair at me. he opened his window all the way and i opened mine all the way. " i was being a...stalker..."i said "ha-ha its okay." he laughed "um you really good. can you play it again.?" i asked "sure...what song.?" he asked "um, can you play a match into water.?" i asked "i sure can its one of my favorite songs" he said "mine too" i said smiling he started to play and i hummed the melody. he was so good.! "good.?" he asked "yes,very" was all i said he picked up his phone,and did something. he set it down and just smiled at me. moments later i got a txt saying 

"hey,its the person next door to you.! wanna hang out at the park.! Reuben Xx"

i looked up and he was gone. than i got another txt saying

"race you to the park im on the side look down your window.! Xx"

i looked down and he was standing there waiting "hold on" i yelled i put on my black vans and some skinny's and a batman sweat shirt. i ran down shairs and walked out the door. rueben was standing there. "head start" he said i started to fun and five seconds later he started to...



so guys what do you think i will update everyday and please if you read this comment if its good or not.! thx (:Xx  

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