Thanks for defending (Louis)

A short story about you and Louis :)


1. Thanks for defending (Louis)

  Louis:  You've been with Boo Bear for 2 years and this was the 2nd time meeting Louis' mom in Doncaster, You finally got used to the area, Lottie and Feliecite Loved you to death and thought you were perfect with him. But Phoebe, Daisy and Louis' mom not so much, for some odd reason you can always feel a strange tension between you and his mom as if she doesn't like you, But you just shrugged it off not really bothered as much about it, Once you arrived with Lou, Louis knocked on the door while you held the cupcakes for everyone to have for dessert later, The door opened revealing Jay with a huge smile slapped across her face as she pulls Louis into a tight embrace.

"Boo Bear, My Baby" She says, in her thick British accent kissing his cheek.   "Hello Mum"


"Hi Jay" I say with a warm smile across my face, Jay pulls away from Louis and her smile drops quickly but then glances at Louis and regains a small fake smile.

"Um Hello (Y/N), lovely to see you again in Doncaster, Well uh Lottie and Felicity are waiting for you in the living room" She replies stiffly, You nod your head slowly before walking into the living room to be embraced my two girls.

"(Y/N)!!! Me and Fizzy missed you so much...sooo *cough* Mrs.Tomlinson *cough*" Lottie says, with a small smirk across her face, Nudging a smiling Felicity.

 "That's going to be a while" I said giggling blushing slightly, Begin the kind Felicity she is she takes the cupcakes out of your hands, I smile and thank her before she goes to the dinning room putting the cupcakes away for later. After Jay and Louis came back from there conversation, we all began eating when the door bell rang.

"Oh (Y/n) dear, um will you get the door for me, the twins and I were excepting someone" She ask, I can see a smirk tugging at the end of her lips as she asked me the question  I glance at Fizzy and Lottie and they shrug not knowing what there mother was talking about, I look back at Jay and smile slightly before getting up from the dinning table and opening the door revealing Eleanor Calder Louis' ex.

"Oh um hello?" I question curiously.

"Oh Um hi (Y/n)" Eleanor says as her smile drops slowly.

"Oh well uh hi-"

"ELEANOR LOVE, THE GIRL'S MISSED YOU!" Jay exclaims, with a huge real smile slapped across her face not like the one she has given us to you.

"Jay I've missed you and the girls" Eleanor replies, engulfing Jay in a hug. I slowly walk back into the dinning room sitting down back down next to Louis frowning slightly.

"Who was it Babe" Louis ask grabbing your hand.

"E-Eleanor" I reply stiffly sighing

"Are you okay (Y/N)" Fizzy ask, glancing at me with a half smile, I nod before sitting up straight from my slouching mode and regaining a small smile, Just then Eleanor walks in with Phoebe and Daisy clinging onto her giggling.

"Oh Hi Louis!" Eleanor exclaims, walking slowly to Louis as the two little girls still attached to her arm and leg.

"H-Hey Eleanor what are you doing here?" 

"Your mum called me"  Eleanor answered, just then Jay walked in standing next to Eleanor.

"Louis, (Y/N) we need to talk" Me and Louis nod our heads slowly when suddenly Jay began.

"I thinks it's better off if you get back with Eleanor" Jay says, directly to Louis.

"B-But mum why-"

"I'm sorry but..I don't like anything about her" Jay says bluntly looking straight at you, making me look down.

"What?!" Louis answers, as a frown grows across his face.


"No offence (Y/n) Love, but anyway She isn't smart, beautiful and not as talented as Eleanor and I just don't think she's right for you" Louis' mom rants sighing.
"Lou?" I question sadly looking at him.

"Y-You're right mom..." Louis says hesitantly, biting his lip.

"Lou-" You question wanting to burst into tears.

"I think it's best if you leave (Y/N)" Jay says, pointing towards the door, I nod my before glancing at Louis who is still looking down, I look at Lottie and Felicity and smile sadly before walking out, Your left stunned Louis didn't even try to defend you I guess he still loves Eleanor then, I'm just a regular, boring, clingy girlfriend- Ex girlfriend to him...  It was lonely the sky was dark and the air was breezy, I was all by myself I deiced to go to a park Louis showed me even though it was late at night I wasn't afraid I made it to the park and sat on a bench fiddling with my fingers, I sighed deeply before pulling up my legs up on the bench and gaze at the revealing stars, I put my head between my arms and the urge of sobbing began as I trembled slightly when suddenly someone sat down next to me quickly, hugging me softly, I slowly look up to see a sympathetic Louis wrapping his arms around me.

"L-L-Lou" I sob, tucking my head back in my arms.

"Babe I'm so sorry..." Louis whispers, pulling you into his embrace, You held tight onto his red striped tee, sobbing quietly.

"Y-Your such a J-Jack arse " I say sniffling, but giggling lightly

"I'm a big one for doing that to you I'm so sorry and I don't love Eleanor, I promise I love you only, You're everything that I need..." I nod my head slightly as he stroked my hair. "I was going to ask you this after dinner in front of everyone but...Will you marry me (Y/n)?" Louis ask, getting up and opening a velvet box with a huge diamond ring in the box.
"Yes" I reply happily, wiping my eyes with my free hand, while Louis slipped the ring on my other, I guess it wasn't that long till I was going to be Mrs.Tomlinson...

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