Living The Dream

Sometimes the dream becomes reality, right? And that reality never really lives up to what it should, it ends up killing you slowly, from the inside, out.
Niall is feeling this lately, the one word that describes his current state of mind is demoralised. His band mates hate each other, his parents are divorced and he couldn't find love if he tried.
Whilst in America for the summer, Niall couldn't begin to predict the vast changed soon to become apparent in his life - but remember..
The dream your living, might not be your dream at all.


1. Watching over the sea

Niall's POV ~

I stood centre stage, and stared into the audience. It's strange, having thousands of people admire and respect me. In reality I don't really know who I am.

Okay, I'm Niall Horan. The innocent boy with the cute accent, and blonde hair.

Though, I'm lost. Where am I? Not geographically, more in the grand scheme of life. I spend my days looking into thousands of eyes, it's like attempting to pick out a drop of water whilst watching over the sea.

Someone always has something to say if I attempt to complain - they usually refer to the fact that I'm a multi millionaire at the age of 20. And, yeah that has it's perks. Though, at the same time, who can I trust? For all I know my 'friends' could be using me for the fame and the money. It's happened before, there's nothing to say it won't happen again.

Tonight, the whole vibe of the concert felt different. Louis was pissed at Harry, for siding with management about this whole Larry shit. They've had to strategically plan the choreography and stage directions to avoid the drama - causing friction and tension between the two.

Then there's Liam, who can't seem to put on a fake smile. He's completely demoralised by the fact that Sophia has apparently cheated on him. She probably has, I know I would if my boyfriend was away for 3 months. It's expected, you can't leave your girl unoccupied for the summer.

Finally Zayn, I'd usually be critical of him, but he's strangely happy. He's constantly smiling and laughing, and it's not even fake. Perrie's probably on tour, giving him complete peace of mind that there is no funny business going on at home.

And myself, well I've been in deep thought. So the audience probably feel that I'm disengaged, no doubt twitter will go crazy. I'll just say I'm tired, follow a couple of people and go offline.

The truth is, I am tired. Tired of this constant cycle of performing, the screaming girls, parties, missing home, interviews, incessant harassing, hate, the Internet, life. How this has come to be my life, I do not know.

Though I do know one thing - this is not living the dream.

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