1D imagines

all you need for imagines


1. Christmas Imagine

It's your first Christmas without Liam. He is on tour and he promised he would send your present. You wake up on Christmas morning and see a small present under your tree, you open it and it has a piece of notebook paper and it reads:  Dear Y/N, look outside,OR ELSE......    You open the front door and see liam sitting on the steps.  "Merry Christmas" He says.

You run up to him and give him a hug, he gets on his knee and pulls out a red velvet box.  "Y/n, I've loved you since the beginning and want to be with you forever, will you marry me?" He asked. He opens up the lid and reveals a beautiful princess cut ring.  "Yes, Liam,I'll marry you" 

"Oh my god,thank you so much." he says kissing you and pulling you inside.

2 years later, you have 1 baby boy named carter,and have went through all of one direction's marriages, and it just so happens that you best friend is married to Niall. 


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