Long Lost Sister

Mel has been searching for something ever since she found a paper under her moms bed


1. The paper

Im Melanie Grande Butera. People call me mel g because no one knows my second last name except my family and I. We usually don't talk much, because my mom mumbles to her self  A LOT. I always wondered what she meant by she lost an angel and gained another... but whatever. My brother Frankie says its moms imaginaiton but Im sure he knows too, shes always crying and they always close her door and talk and cry together, and me being 13 I think I should know..

I was walking into my moms room after school. I was going to get project paper from under her cozy bed. I searched for paper and finally found one piece. I brought it in my room and made the project really sloppy because I didn't care. I was going to write my name on the back when I saw and article paper. "What the..."

I read it closely , it said

Ariana Grande Butera 

Baby Girl of Joan Grande and Ed Butera

Boca Raton FL

June 26 1993

I thought, Frankie said they used to live here before I was born...

Ummm.... do I have a sist....

no I cant possibly have one but...

lost an angel and gained another.

Oh crap, I do have an older sister.... And Frankie knew the whole time.

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