One Direction Preferences

Different One Direction Preferences! Its all in the title! :D


5. Preference #5 - He gets Jealous


You and Zayn were sat on your sofa cuddled up together watching Twilight. "Oh my god! Edward and Jacob are so fit.. Mmm jeez." you whispered. You couldn't help yourself, they were. Its the truth. Zayn awkwardly moved closer to you. "Well, I bet niether of them could get with a hottie like you." He mumbled. What? Was Zayn jealous? You decided to play with him for a little bit. You were watching New Moon and it was at the part where Edward leaves Bella in the woods. "I'll always want you." Bella tells Edward. "Yeah, I want him too." You silently giggled to yourself as Zayn mumbled something along the lines of, "He's a bloody idiot for leaving her. Why would anyone want him?" You found it hilarious. Half an hour later Bella fell off the motorbike and hit a rock pretty hard after seeing that wierd ghost Edward thing. Jacob took his top off to clear up the blood. "Oh WOW! YEAH YOU TAKE IT OFF!" You shouted and leaned forward towards the telly. Zayn's arms falling down your back no longer holding you. Your eyes were locked onto the TV, but you can tell Zayn was rolling his eyes. He grabbed you by your waist and pulled you back to him again. Then Bella told Jacob that he was beautiful and he was all like 'how hard did you hit your head?', you decided to react to this. "She tells the truth Zayn, he is beautiful. Hahah! And funny. Aaaww!" You said smiling up at Zayn. "No.. no no he's not 'beautiful' I am! I'm your boyfriend!" He frowned hugging you tight. "I know Zayn, no one is better than you babe. I was just kidding." He looked up at you with hopeful eyes. "Really?"... "Well, they are pretty lush I have to admit." You laughed. He scowled at you and then began tickling you until you told him that he was the most beautiful human being in the world and you will always want him not Edward or Jacob.


Niall was really angry because of the twitter war that happned between The Wanted and One Direction. He was having a massive rant to you about Louis responding back to The Wanted membersin the first place. Niall doesn't really get into all of that stuff and he wants it all to stop because everyone is getting involved. He's angry at Louis and Liam for even responding to the comments. And he's angry at The Wanted because he doesnt particularly like them. He only wants to talk to you at the moment. He's stressing a lot about this. You started to cheer him up a bit more which he apreciated. You decided to see what would happen if you told him you liked The Wanted. "It'll be okay Nialler baby," You said hugging him, his cheeck against yours. "I actually quiet like The Wanted so I don't know why you are stressing so much." You said. He pulled away from you and looked into your eyes. "Well that's your opinion." He stated. Well then... You're going to have to go to the next level with this. A few hours later Niall was on the computer watching video's and you decided to play Lightning by The Wanted really loud so that Niall would hear. You turned it up as loud as it could go and opened yours and Niall's bedroom door. You ran around the room jumping around and singing along. You were surprised. You actually knew the words.


The music was cut off. Niall. You turned around. "Babe, can you not, I'm trying to watch this video." He said. "But whhhyyyyy???" You moaned, over reacting. "I really like The Wanted. Today you made me realise that I actually think that i love them... Please Nialler. I love The Wanted." You made a puppy dog face and he just stood there with his mouth wide open. "Are you freakin serious?" He asked, you nodded. "Well then..." He stood there awkwardly before turning around to go back downstairs. "Niall, I really do think I love them. And ummm, Matt is just so lush..." Even you cringed thinking that. "What?! (Y/N) how could you say that!? You know I'm having a bad time with them at the moment! I'm even angry at Louis so please don't say that!" He said. "But I love him Niall. He's gorgeous can't you listen just for a minute. He's my hero." You said with a look of sorrow on your face. "Princess." Niall said through clenched teeth. "I don't want you getting involved in The Wanted. Your mine! AND MINE ONLY!" He shouted. He wasn't angry though, he just wanted to prove his point. He started walking towards you and you walked backwards until you hit the wall. He kissed you passionatly and like always there were tiny sparkes going around your body. He pulled away once you two didn't have enough breathe left. "Didn't you feel that? That was love. Everytime I kiss you it feels like the first time babe. I love you... Do you really love Matt?... and not me." He mumbled the last bit but you still heard. Okay maybe you took it too far. You told him it was all a joke and that you couldn't ever love anybody else as much as you love your Nialler. He laughed. "Why are you laughing?" You asked, he seemed pretty upset like a minute ago so why is he finding this amusing? He then pounced at you but you dodged him and ran away. You spent the rest of the day playing cat and mouse. Him being the Cat and you being the Mouse.


"C'mon, you can't seriously think that Justin Bieber is 'fit' in this picture." Liam was showing you a photo album he made of every famous person him and the boys have ever met. You and Liam were both laying down on the wooden floor on your bellies, Liam telling you about everything that happened before, during and after the photo's. "No, really Liam, he is fiiiine." You said biting your bottom lip. That was the thing that usually turned Liam on and he wont have you biting your lip over anyone else but him. "Oi! We'll have none of that!" He said touching your lips with his thumb. "I love you, not Justin. I'm your boyfriend, not Justin." He told you looking into your eyes. "Well, technically that's not true." Justin loves you because he loves his fans right? So that means he loves you because you are a 'fan'. "WHAT?!" Liam shouted getting up from the position you guys were sitting in on the floor. "YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME!!!??? YOU'VE NEVER MET JUSTIN!! HOW CAN HE BE YOUR BOYFRIEND!?" He seemed pretty angry, hense the shouting, but you could tell that he was more hurt than anything. Aaaaww Leeeyyyyyuuuuummmmmm! You had to mess with him once in a while. It's funny. "Babe, nooo I meant Justin loves me. Hahahaahaa! You're my boyfriend! Justin loves his fans right? Soo... Therefore, he loves me." You said as you saw Liam relax. "You're a belieber? I never knew you liked Justin?" Liam looked down at me with rased eye brows. "Umm... Correction: Love. I do love Justin, soo much. I mean look at his gorgeous face, and, o.m.g those abs mmhmm," You widened your eyes and bit your lip again. "Oi!" Liam told you off again. "Annyywayy justin is so fit and... aaahhh he's just amazing!" Liam sat back down next to you, legs crossed. He looked down at his hands which were laying on his legs. "What about me? Don't you love me anymore?" He mumbled. AAAAWWW!!! LIAM IS JUST SO ADORABLE!!! You burst out laughing. You couldn't believe that Liam thought you were serious! He looked at you with a confused expression. "I was only joking babe. I love you and only you Li," You smiled at him and he gave you a beautiful warm smile back in return. He leant down and kissed you. You rolled onto your back and rapped your hands around his neck. You loved Liam so much. "I love you darlin'." He said, "I love you too." After that you carried on looking through his photo album.


You and Louis were in a resteraunt on a date. You hadn't been on a date in ages, so Louis decided to treat you to a lovely, romantic dinner to this fancy resteraunt. "You look beautiful love." He told you. You blushed, you always did when Louis gave you a compliment. To this day, even though you and Lou had been going out for a while, you still got butterflies. "Thanks and you look beautiful too baby." You said wrapping your arms around his waist. He bent down and kissed you passionatly. His lips were soft and gentle, his kisses were the best. A waiter that was pretty handsome came up to you and Louis. "Hello." He greeted you two with a smile. "Reservation under Mr and Mrs Tomlinson." Louis said. Wait what?! Mrs? Your only his girlfriend. Hahah! Louis is full of surprises. The waiter showed you to your seats in the private area, Louis doesn't want to get noticed by any of his fans. It would ruin the date. You went to sit down but then waiter came up behind your chair to tuck you in. Louis was stood there obviously annoyed, he was about to tuck you in. He's your boyfriend, not the waiter. Who does the waiter think he is? Louis nugged him out of the way and tucked you in and then hugged you from behind protectively kissing you on the cheek afterwards. He scowled at the waiter and then sat down. The waiter walked off. You loved that about Louis. If anyone even did as much as look at you he would grab you and hug you to show them that you're his. He takes pride in his girfriend and he loves you very much. The waiter came back a few minutes later to take your orders. He looked at you first and he seemed to be liking what he saw. He was licking his lips and paying attention to a lot more than just your eyes. You got a bit nervous and insecure and Louis noticed. He stood up. The waiter turned to him surprised, like he had just realised that he was there. "Excuse me sir but I would prefer if you would not stare, like a pedo at my beautiful girlfriend please. I know it's hard but control your eyes." The waiter looked really, and i mean REALLY pissed off. "I can look at whoever the fuck I want to actually mate!" He shouted. People started staring. Oh no. You were so embarressed. Wait. Louis gunnu flip- "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY!? YOU ARE LOOKING AT MY GIRLFRIEND SHE'S MINE NOT YOURS. GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE YOU TWAT! ACTUALLY... C'mon baby, we're leaving." Louis grabbed your arm but it didnt hurt. He was just trying to... protect you? He hugged you burrying his head into your neck. You giggled at the feeling but then Louis pulled away and looked at the jealous waiter. "Go get your own girlfriend mate," He turned back to you, "C'mon Y/N let's go home." And you did. Instead of the resteraunt you two decided to stay inside and watch a couple of movies, cuddled up on the sofa.


Harry was taking you on holiday to L.A. One Direction were doing 6 different interviews there but they were weeks apart, so Harry decided to make a holiday out of it and bring you along with him because you have been Harry Styles' girlfriend for about 10 months now. You were so thankful that he asked you to go with him. You were at the airport with Harry after the flight but he was running ahead of you. You two were having a race to your suitcases. You were going to beat him, you knew it. Even though he was infront of you... You were still going to beat him. Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn were also on the plane with you and Harry so they were in the airport too, but somewhere way way way behind you. "I'm gunnu beat ya!" Harry sing-songed. You frowned. It was now your mission to get there before him. As you were running your laces on your converse came undone and they tripped you up. You went hurtling to the floor but quickly threw your arms over your face so that you wouldnt end up with a broken nose. You hit the floor hard and it hurt so much they you didnt make a sound until about 5 seconds after. It was only a small cry out but it was loud enough for a quite handsome security gaurd to rush to your side. "Are you okay? Oh my gosh... Uumm... Love are you alright?" He went to reach for your arms to pull them to help you up but you cried out in pain again. But this time it was louder. Anyone would have heard it if they were a mile away. He dropped your arms quickly realising that they were the source of the pain. "It's okay babe, hold on." He came up behind you and placed his large hands on your stomach slowly pulling you towards him, attempting to sit you up. You attempted giggle because his hands travelled to your hips and it was quite a *cough* sexual thing ya know ;) After a couple of minutes the mystery security gaurd had somehow got you onto a nearby seat. "Thank you." You said genuinly. He was pretty fit. But NO WAY as fit and beautiful as your Harry though. Speeking of which, Harry came bounding round the corner and as soon as he saw you he only ran faster calling your name. "Oh my baby! (Y/N)! Oh darlin' are you okay!?!?! OH MY GOD!! I am sooo sorry! This is my fault! I'll never leave you again! I should have let you win! Oh my gosh! Honey are you okay?" He cupped your face in his large hands and stared into your eyes with a loving and worried look. "I'm find Haz, but I think i may have sprained my arms." You explained to him. He apolagised and apolagised and apolagised for running ahead before he noticed the security guard stood there awkwardly. "Who's this?" Harry turned to you with a disgusted look on his face. He was jealous, you can always tell. "He rescued me, hahaahh. Well... He helped me when I fell. He lifted me up." You smiled thankfully at the security guard. "So then." Harry glanced at the security guards name tag. "Jamie. I am her boyfriend. So I will be taking it from here." There could be 'jealous' writed all over Harry how obvious he was making it! "Hey, sorry mate, I was only trying to help her. She seemed so fragile and hurt. I couldnt just leave a beautiful girl like that in pain on the floor could I?" Jamie defended himself. "Well..." Harry turned to you. "This beautiful girl is mine." He said simply before helping you up on your feet and walking away holding your arms steady infront of you. You walked away with him to get your suitcases. You can still enjoy L.A right? With two sprained arms.

Hey people! No hate please! Everyone has they're opinons okay. You can like and dislike whoever you wanna. I like Justin Bieber a lot and I like the Twilight series or whatever you call them too. For The Wanted, they are okay... -ish :-/ Okay fine I dont particularly like them but that's my opinion. This is just an PREFERENCE, it's not real. :( Even though we all wish it was xoxo Any requests for preferences? Tell meh! Dont be shy :D

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