One Direction Preferences

Different One Direction Preferences! Its all in the title! :D


2. Preference #2 - Goodnight texts when he's on tour


Liam- Goodnight darlin', sweet dreams, u know i love u right? I wish I was there holdin u, singing u to sleep :c only 2 more weeks of tourin and then I can c u!!!!! xoxoxoxoxxox


Louis- Nighty night honeeyyyy! I love u sooo much, cant wait to c ya bbyyy :D I miss u sooo much! I never thought that i could miss someone as much as i could miss u right now xxxx


Harry- Aaaawww!!! Another night without u in my arms :( but only 2 more weeks yeeeeyyyy!! I cant tell u how excited i am! I love u kitten and i miss u with all my heart. Sleep tight ;) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo


Nialler- I miss u cupcake! This tour has really made me realise how much i love u and miss u and most of all how much i need u :) Ur my everything! I want u right now! I want to kiss every bit of ur beautiful face and ur lushious lips! It should b ilegal how much i love u!! Night night sweet dreams my love xxxxxxx


Zayn- Goodnight bby gurrlll!! I love u so damn much!!! I just wanna hug u and kiss u, i love the fact that ur mine x I always dream about u! And umm.... Nobody is threatening u on twitter or fb, i swear if i c ANY hate what so ever im going to get SO PISSED!!!! Sorry darlin', I just wanna protect u babe xxxx :) ily

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