The life of Cyrah


5. November 25-29

This week wasn't too bad. We watched a movie in English where this midget named simon accidentally kills his best friend joe's mom with a baseball... Yea. That's what happens when you go to my school. Tiffany got the whole school to hate me again. Apparently I told her to fuck off? No. I said "leave me the fuck alone" cause she was following me around like a fucking horse! She is actually a "lol what? " type of person all the time. Oh? Is it the same thing? Didn't think so! She's gotta calm her bird and shove a chill pill up her ass... Like legitimently stop... Breathing. Jk (inside joke) :3

So yeah. Me and my friend Brigid saw a movie today, so that was fun... We saw my friend Bryce there. He said if she didn't stop it, he would shank tiff with a machetti... He is the most amazing person in the world. In other news I got my album of midnight memories this week. I pre ordered it. That's all for now... Peace ✌️

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